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How to use tattoo sticker?

Posted by yunyingjj09 on April 9th, 2020

Tattoo stickers are a kind of stickers on the body. Many people like to use tattoo sticker instead of tattoos because they are easy to use and there is no pain.

The correct way to apply tattoo sticker

Generally, tattoo sticker is water transfer labels. If the design is square and there are not too many protruding parts of the copy, the method is:

1. Clean the part of your body where the tattoo is to be done.

2. Then wet the paper on the back of the tattoo sticker (called the bottom paper) with water, or put the sticker in clear water, see the color of the bottom paper becomes dark, that is, when the water penetrates, you can paste. know

3, when sticking, directly put the side with the pattern on the skin, the back of the pattern with nails gently scratch. tao

4, finally with the hand along the skin to pull the bottom paper, let it slide down from the design, and then with the towel again pressure, one is to go to the water, and then is to remove bubbles, it is ok.

5, of course, if the design is a lot of prominent parts, it is necessary to put the bottom paper up, slowly, see there is no off the design, to put down and then press on the line.

Tips for tattoo sticker

First of all, the pigment composition of human body painting is very complex, so the human skin does not have affinity for it, and the skin's contact with the pigment can also stimulate a toxic and immune reaction, namely allergic contact dermatitis. The pigment used in tattoo sticker is the red dye, which contains cinnabar or mercury, while the yellow dye contains cadmium and the black dye contains carbon or iron oxide. These substances can cause allergic reactions to the skin and lead to redness, swelling and itching. Nevertheless, allergic reaction decides at the person's constitution, some people stuck tattoo color stick safely, some people can produce dermatitis however because of the skin is more easily allergic.

In addition, the tattoos are mostly on the naked part of the body, they would be as boring as a night out. But in the scorching sun, tattoo color paste can be like a concentrator general absorption of ultraviolet rays and burn the skin is to many people do not expect. Boys and girls mostly paint on the chest, arms, wrists, navels and other parts of the face, which are prone to sunburn. And below sunshine, colour sticks the colour of design more bright-coloured, thicker ink is heavy colour, can make local skin to absorb more ultraviolet radiation more, the burn to the skin is more severe also. In addition to the color paste part of the red, burning, tingling pain, the surrounding skin will also deepen the color and accompanied by peeling. If scratch too can cause infection, cause skin to scab, fall scar. If appeared this kind of phenomenon, the skin is ruddy and swollen more serious, answer to be immersed with the gauze of 6 7 thick 3% boric acid water wet apply at once, not too serious also apply outside calamine lotion liniment.

Suggest those who have allergic constitution should be cautious about this, even if it is not allergic constitution of the people, in special circumstances such as the sun is too strong should also beware of tattoo color paste to cause sunburn, do not just for the sake of blindly cool and make yourself laugh.

Tattoo sticker in Taiwan have been found to contain excessive amounts of plasticizer, media reported. In order to facilitate adhesion to the skin, most of the tattoo sticker contain plastic adhesive. However, excessive plasticizer will cause damage to the user's skin, especially the skin of children, and even cause cancer.

The expert suggests, do not let the child use this kind of sticker as far as possible, if want to use, the time cannot be too long, and after using, should undertake thorough clean immediately, can use a few alcohol or oil besmear on text body, a few seconds later with soft cloth dip water to wipe back and forth, reoccupy clear water undertakes rinse. At the same time, the citizen chooses the sticker that normal manufacturer produces as far as possible, also avoid to let children under 3 years old use, after using if occurrence is red swollen, allergic phenomenon, should take off at once, serious person should go to dermatology seek medical treatment.

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