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How to Get a Faster and More Secure Website

Posted by capitalnumbers on April 10th, 2020

If you want a faster and more secure WordPress site, you may wish to follow this guideline. It explains how you can fix it. First of all, technology has evolved a great deal over the years. With the emergence of more frameworks and platforms, website development has become easier than ever. Whether you want to add new features or modify the existing site, you have thousands of options to do so. Still, amidst all these innovations, PHP development has not yet lost its value and importance among the developers.

PHP development has remained a popular option for online business owners. Apart from being used for building dynamic websites, it has several other benefits that make it still highly preferred even today.

Let’s check out why PHP matters so much:

PHP is a coding language on which WordPress is built. If you want to make the most of your WordPress themes and plugins, you should upgrade your PHP.

There are two main benefits to keeping PHP up-to-date:

top PHP developers

Increase the Performance of Your Website:

PHP development goes a long way in enhancing your website’s performance. The best way to amp up performance is by updating to the latest supported version. It helps optimize the performance of your site.

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure:

PHP is known for its vast community. Because of its vast popularity, it has become a target for hackers. The latest version comes with plenty of features that keep your site secure and protected. Hire top PHP developers who can help secure your website from hackers.

Secondary Benefits:

A faster WordPress website will be rewarded by search engines, meaning you will rank higher in the search result.

If your site takes too long to load, your visitors will most likely leave. A faster website will not just retain visitors but also make your website more effective. Hire PHP programmer India for a quicker and more secure site.

A more secure website means more protection against hackers and reputational damage associated with the website.

These benefits are beneficial for you and useful for your website’s visitors. These are the reasons you should update PHP today. The next section will show you how to do this.

These benefits are suitable for your website and your business. To make the most of your web presence, it would best to update your PHP today.

How to Update Your PHP:

As you proceed, you will be given some warnings. Don’t worry. Be sure to cover some background before getting to the part where you update your PHP version.

Now, updating your PHP version is not a big deal. But, you may have to deal with some complications at times. WordPress itself runs on PHP versions. Check out if your themes and plugins are working.

Take a couple of steps to reduce any risk before proceeding:

  • Take a backup of your website.
  • Update WordPress, themes, and plugins from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Check PHP compatibility.
  • Fix any PHP compatibility issues.

Once you are done with these steps, you will be able to update your PHP version on your WordPress site.

If you face any issues while doing this and need help, you should call out a professional web developer who has expertise and resource to help you.

So, you are ready to update your website’s PHP version. Hire PHP experts to set the PHP version at the server level. Depending on your requirements, you may want to update with your host settings or asking them to do it.

The hosting companies will submit instructions on how to update your PHP version. Make sure you have the latest version of PHP. Look out for more information on the PHP dashboard as you proceed. Keep in touch with the hosting company for more details.

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