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5 Underrated Techniques for Managing Chronic Pain

Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine on April 10th, 2020

Many people who come into a pain clinic Langhorne PA will often be making similar mistakes at home. Here at Performance Pain, we want to help you cope with chronic pain as much as possible while you are not in our clinic. Therefore, we have 5 commonly-missed techniques for you to try out at home below.

1. Deep Breathing 

Taking deep breaths is helpful for whenever you need a sudden rush of relaxation. Normally, people will only take small breaths naturally. With deeper breaths, you will help yourself to calm down, relax, and be in a better mental state.

2. Doing More Exercise

Exercise is a great way to both proactively to avoid chronic pain and also to treat it. Depending on your exact circumstances, there are many different exercise routines to check out. Typically, aerobic and/or cardiovascular activity can be done by anybody currently dealing with chronic pain.

3. Massages

Having a massage done is one of the best ways to experience immediate relief from chronic pain. If you have a spouse or family member ready to enlist, you can even do these for free! When the need arises, various pain clinics like Performance Pain can also do massage therapies.

4. Controlling Negative Thoughts

Sometimes, the hardest part of dealing with chronic pain is the constant thoughts and reminders of your pain. The mental trauma is often as hard, if not harder, than dealing with the actual burden of pain. Practicing things like meditation and yoga.

5. Stop Smoking & Drinking!

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and other similar recreational substances are almost always going to hurt you when you are trying to recover from chronic pain. When you see pain doctors Churchville PA, this will also be one of the things that they will tell you.

Ready to Come in for a Chronic Pain Intervention? 

Before you come in for a pain intervention Newtown PA, try to do techniques like the ones we mentioned above. This will help you gauge the intensity of your chronic pain by yourself at home. When the need finally arises, you are always welcome to come in and see us at Performance Pain for a free consultation.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2xlPT38

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