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Lockdown period can be a boon for manufacturing organizations

Posted by RakeshSharma on April 10th, 2020

Lots of my clients are asking me, we are a manufacturing organization and we only work with workers and machines, but these days we neither have our workers with us nor we have our machines,  so what work we can do during the lockdown period. How can we utilize our time?

Friend I fully understand your predicament. So, friends while this can be an intelligent question, but you don't have to worry much about it and I can provide you some tips for making the best use of the available time to you. As business coach I have certain ideas which can be immediately implemented even when you are operating from home. For manufacturing organization this period can be boon. So here we go!

Document your processes and sops: While working with lots of client as business coach in NCR I have found that factories create lots of waste due to rejections of raw material and finished goods, defects and rework.  As well as lots of waste is lying in the form of slow-moving and dead inventories and scrap. 

 One of the biggest reasons for this waste is that they do not have their processes documented and as a result, everyone is doing the work as per their own best process.  However, in the absence of, standard operating procedures (sops), doing the quality work first time and every time, consistently is not practically possible. The rejections are bound to happen rework is inevitable.  

My experience as a business growth consultant is that the best way of avoiding the rework, rejection is to ensure that your processes are documented, and your work is done as per standard operating procedures. 

When I ask my clients why they don’t document their sops the answer is that they don’t have time. So, this is the best time to document your sops and train your people on the same. If you can document your SOPS and processes it can be the best possible utilization of the same. As sales trainer and business growth consultant I have found that training employees on SOPs gives very good results.

Review your existing processes and align with the team: In case you already have documented SOPs, you can review them and align with your team. You can take inputs from your team and revise your processes and make them better. This is a very good time to re-engineer your processes.

 Plan for bottlenecks:  Every manufacturing organization has certain bottlenecks.  These bottlenecks lead to low production missed schedule and missed sales targets. Sometimes they are related to raw material, production capacity, the capacity of Machines, workers, or Maybe knowledge of your staff members and workers.  All the training companies experience such case again and again. You can do the deep diving into all these areas and plan to overcome the same. I being one of the best business coach in India I can vouch for the same and assure you that is can be best time to find out the root cause for bottlenecks and find out the solution to take care of them in future.

Root cause analysis for defects:  This is another interesting area where the manufacturing organizations can spend their available time and plan to improve their output in the near future. In fact, you do a good job for root cause analysis, this time can be a boon for you all. Root cause analysis is generally given very superficial treatment and as a result, the permanent solutions are not found, and the defects keep on recurring again and again.  This is a good time where the analysis can be done with the help of the data available to you on your laptop. You can discuss the various problems, defects, and rejection cases to reach to the root cause and find out the solution which can be implemented after the lockdown period is over. You must use the classic five why approach for finding out the real root cause.

Create and review Min and max for inventory items:  I am sure many of you would have your inventory data on your laptops. As business growth consultant I can give this tip.  This is a very good time to analyze your inventory consumption rate and establish the minimum and maximum inventory level for the critical items in your stores.  If you do this, you will be able to Lady foundation of higher profits profitability in the normal working days.

Identify slow moving and dead inventory:  While you are analyzing your inventory, you will also be able to identify the slow-moving and dead inventory. You can plan your actions to liquidate this inventory as soon as the lockdown is opened.

Motivate your workforce:  These days all the workers and staff members have smartphones and are connected through WhatsApp. Keep sending messages to them and keep them motivated to pass through these difficult days. This will also help you to keep your workforce intact and avoid attrition after the lockdown is opened. 

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Rakesh Sharma--- Founder of Prime Performance Solutions.

He is the founder of Prime Performance Solutions. He is the Best Business Coach and Sales Trainer in India and Motivational Speaker in India. Many have recommended him as the best business coach in India.

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