Is it difficult to criticize?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Everybody is waiting for his or her moment of glory, a moment when his or her skills will be recognized and assessed according to work that is done. And here you stand in front of the audience, full of pride for what you?ve accomplished and really willing to accept that long cherished award. But one of the spectators or journalists asks a question and you give the needed answer. There is a roar in the hall and you understand that the worst, you?ve been waiting for, is coming true. You understand that you are criticized. This is the worse than death thing that happens constantly, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. There is no person that has never been criticized in his/her life. It is a well-known fact that criticism is a big motivator for a person to move forward and achieve more but it happens so that it helps to destroy the last hope in human heart to gain recognition. Due to some psychological trifles that make us different from others we feel that weak point when it is suitable to cross the line and be ready to provoke a rival to make a mistake and then give vent to criticism, that word by word breaks people?s self-confirmation and desire to prove his right. It is quite easy to hurt a person so it is easy to criticize. One just feels a sadistic delight in mixing someone with dirt underfoot.

It is quite obvious that it should be very easy to play with one?s emotions and feelings. It seems difficult to spot a person that isn?t vulnerable to criticism. The only thing that matters is the reaction of a person to criticism. Is he going to burst into tears, or holler back in anxiety or calmly accept your arguments without flinching? One way or another, it is quite easy to criticize anybody to your own profit or just because of your negative attitude.

But one who does something without thinking has to suffer the consequences. The person whom you criticize will be more than willing to revenge and that means that you should be aware of him being your enemy and watch out for set ups and possible ways to be mistaken. But is it difficult to criticize if you are the one to be a victim? Nowadays ability to criticize everybody is very often met but the ability to be a victim of your criticism yourself is indeed very rare and requires a lot of effort, stamina and strong will. Usually people who are able to criticize their work are more successful than those, who reject their possibility to be mistaken. It is quite necessary to learn to criticize yourself in order to profit from it.

Now we got acquainted with the influence of criticism on a person. But if your intentions are quite noble and you want to spot somebody?s mistake in order to prevent it from happening again, you have to learn the gentle way of expressing your opinion. You even can do it in writing, as a recommendation or a small guideline. Writing a critical essay is also a way out. But there are a lot of things to consider. You don?t want your advice sound too offensive so you should omit strong verbs and phrases and try to make the sense of your creation easier for the reader to absorb. There has to be no ?must?, or ?ought to?, only mild advice and understanding. There are a lot of other peculiarities about critical essays, that one should learn. Your gestures have also to be moderate and not exuberant. You may exude self-confidence but it will insult your friend or just a person you try to criticize. Critical essays may be helpful in expressing not only disagreement with actions thoughts and so on, but also in expressing your attitude towards serious matters that you don?t agree with. As we see, it may only sound easy to drain the last drop of confidence out of somebody and let him/her down. But it is very difficult to use critics for greater good and stay away from insult and further trouble. If to follow advice stated above you can show your thoughts in rather creative way and make a person correct needed points and move towards better results.

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