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5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

Posted by Anna Hammond on April 12th, 2020

The paint sprayers beneath have been assessed dependent on their capacity to perform every day painting errands. Our goal was to assemble a rundown that profiles every one of the standard kinds of sprayers, to guarantee that experts and novices the same can get something that will proceed as well as could be expected. 

Underneath, we take a gander at how the paint sprayers you're probably going to experience prevail at what they do, and where they fall flat. 

The 5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: 

1. Airless Paint Sprayers 

For talented novices and experts with a significant spending plan 

Airless paint sprayers utilize a tremendous amount of strain to atomize the paint, pushing it out through the leader of the unit as modest beads. These beads accept an even example that completes efficiently on the work surface. 

It's everything about speed when you are managing an airless sprayer. The large measures of weight make a quick stream that permits you to complete gigantic tasks in a moderately short test of time. 

Tremendous volume work is the thing that airless paint sprayers are regularly utilized for. They can paint dividers (both inside and outside) surprisingly fast as opposed to hours. 

For the most part, they are genuinely costly, and all things considered, are for the most part claimed by experts. Be that as it may, there are all the more financially reasonable alternatives accessible to lease or purchase. 

Be that as it may, there are a couple of manners by which they battle. For a specific something, they're regularly blameworthy of overspray, which is actually what it seems like. Overspray happens when you siphon out more than you were expecting, coming about in gloppy streaks, and other awful blunders in your painting. 

Thus, these sprayers are not regularly utilized on craftsperson work. If you need to make a complicated plan on a household item, or even cupboards, you'll most likely be ideally serviced by a different paint sprayer. 

The other issue is that they don't generally function admirably outside. This is valid for pretty much any sprayer, but even more so on account of airless units because of how quickly the atomized paint is siphoned out. 

At the point when it's even softly blustery, the paint will drift significantly, which prompts genuine precision issues, just as the potential for enormous wrecks. 

Painting ventures function admirably for inside and outside dividers, decks, and fences. 


Paints enormous spaces rapidly. 

Typically delivers clean examples. 


Potential for overspray 

Doesn't work very well on ventures requiring accuracy 

2. HVLP Paint Sprayers 

Extraordinary for talented novices and experts on a tight spending plan. Likewise exceeds expectations at accuracy work. 

The high volume low weight (HVLP) paint sprayer is the specific inverse of the airless framework. HVLP sprayers likewise atomize their paint, but as opposed to utilizing bunches of strain to create a beautiful fog of shower, the HVLP framework limits the pressure to deliver higher volumes. 

Therefore, it's anything but a desirable framework—it wasn't made to be one. You presumably wouldn't utilize it to paint a room, but you may use it to apply paint employment to the crown shaping, your furnishings, or your cupboards. It's an exact painting device. 

A tolerable HVLP paint sprayer will deliver a beautiful completion on ventures that you need to make look great. 

The primary issue with these paint sprayers is that they stop up a great deal. This is an issue with any paint sprayer but especially so on account of the HVLP. It's a result of the low measures of weight that it employs. The paint will, in general, obstruct in the cylinders and tips rendering it futile until you get the opportunity to clean it. 

There are a few sprayers out there that incorporate highlights to alleviate this issue. For instance, they may include a different port that permits you to attach the framework to your nursery hose for simple cleaning. 

Notwithstanding issues, however, if you need an HVLP sprayer, no other alternative will have the option to take care of business. 

Painting ventures it functions admirably for cupboards, furniture, forming and anything that requires subtlety. 


Typically more moderate than airless models. 

Incredible for very close work 


Endures a more significant number of obstructs than the standard splash framework 

3. LVLP Paint Sprayers 

Useful for DIYers 

The low volume low-pressure paint sprayer (LVLP) is the ideal instrument for the layman. Since these sprayers are commonly genuinely moderate and made to be anything but difficult to utilize, they consolidate an incentive with quality to give considerable paint employment at a reasonable cost. 

The name adequately portrays how they work. With low weight undoubtedly, they require just 10PSI or so to work. Accordingly, you're ready to utilize first air blowers rather than the costly mechanical estimated units that increasingly extraordinary splash frameworks require. This sets aside a great deal of cash and heaps of extra room for the individual who is merely attempting to furnish an essential DIY apparatus assortment. 

These sprayers can work similarly as an airless gun, painting large surfaces without breaking a sweat. 

The issue is that the low measure of weight these guns use confines the sorts of materials that they can work with. Thicker paints won't be perfect. This is a severe deal for the expert, but not such a significant issue for the average individual hoping to paint a fence requiring little to no effort. 

Painting ventures it functions admirably for inside dividers, walls and decks. 


For the most part entirely reasonable 

Ready to paint huge surfaces rapidly 


Not ground-breaking enough to work with thicker paints 

4. Gravity Feed Spray Guns 

Incredible for splashing vehicles 

The gravity feed splash gun (so named for the way that the paint feed supply rests on the sprayer) is another unit intended for creating a beautiful completion. Much like the HVLP, it can create a wide range of coats on the work surface. 

The gravity feed isn't a subcategory of paint sprayer, to such an extent as it is a plan component that can happen in a wide range of frameworks. 

With the siphoning component arranged on the highest point of the gun, the gravity feed sprayer requires substantially less weight than different choices. The outcome is extreme accuracy, no overspray, and minimal cleanup. This kind of sprayer is generally utilized for showering autos, which it exceeds expectations at. 

You won't utilize this methodology with bigger employments, but it is a decent method to add a progressively refined touch to your work. The gravity sprayer initially hit the scene with regards to car work. It was particularly prized for its capacity to set down away from paint. Presently, be that as it may, it's utilized for a full scope of undertakings. 

Functions admirably for showering your vehicle 


Amazingly exact 

Simple to tidy up 


Not generally excellent for high volume work 

5. Compacted Air Paint Sprayers 

To some degree obsolete – We would pick one of the above. 

The LVLP is a packed air paint sprayer, but this is a more extensive classification that merits somewhat more consideration. The full air paint sprayer is as a rule on the more straightforward side, requiring just a splash gun, and an air blower. 

Because of the straightforwardness of the arrangement, they are commonly esteemed by novices. However, anybody can utilize one. As confirmed above, they work best with high volume splashing errands, but you can likewise use them in participation with extraordinary accomplices to perform accuracy assignments. 

Contingent upon the framework, they may battle with overspray or obstructing, but any issues will rely upon the sort of gun utilized, just as the intensity of the blower. 

Additionally note that this sort of paint sprayer has mostly been supplanted by the LVLP, in this manner making it elusive any of these available. 


Straightforward Setup 

Simpler for novices to utilize 



Stopping up 

To some degree obsolete 


Experts, for the most part, have more than one different sort of paint sprayer. In any event, they are probably going to claim an HVLP and an airless paint sprayer. To be set up for any activity, you can't pull off merely owning one. 

For the layman, purchasing a few of these units isn't immensely down to earth. For you, it's a matter of assessing what should be done and buying or leasing the sprayer that in any event satisfies most of your criteria. 

Every one of the four of the choices featured above is directly for somebody. The expectation is that you currently know precisely which one is directly for you.


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