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Mysteries, Secrets and Wonders of Tahajjud Prayer

Posted by Ubhe96 on April 12th, 2020

Here are some of the wonders of tahajjud prayers, the mysteries and secrets behind the tahjjud prayers and the benefits that come from the tahajjud prayers.
Assalamualaikum.Wr.Wb ...
My brothers .... The
Tahajjud Prayer holds great glory and glory. His position was a true worship of the sunnah, but Rasullullah never left him for the rest of his life. Not many people do it with istiqomah, but assuming all the people in the world know and feel its beauty, it would be crazy to do it.
 Whoever performs superstitious prayers alongside compulsory prayers means that he has obeyed the commands of Allah and His Messenger. Allah swt says:
"And at night, pray for you as an additional worship, may your Lord lift you to a place of praise". QS. Al isra '79
Khalid Abu syadi said in a beautiful phrase, “The Mujahidin people scooped out the fearful dagger and used it to slaughter the lazy sheep. Immediately the feeling of being overwhelmed and flew away. Let the voice of truth be heard in their ears, "Is he called?" They fulfill their call and their nose smells of the heavenly night air. The feeling of exasperation increased, the pressure grew stronger, the feet stood firm, and the tears flowed until the end of the visit. And then it's goodbye. The call to leave has been raised as a thrill. It's dawn. ”
Alright my brother, just let me explain some of the miracles of

the midnight prayer: Open the gates of the sky at night

Not many people are able to open the gates of the sky and knock on the door of the glory of God at night. If you wake up at night, with a clear heart, a pure body and soul from the hadas, then close to His door, then you are a part of the few. And that little is the lucky one. The few that are in front to lead the others.
Khalid abu syadi likened a person who wakes up at night to a Mujahideen (warrior in the way of Allah). This makes sense, because not many people are able to defeat his lust and kill his sleepiness in the belly button at night.

During his life the Prophet never missed the midnight prayer

Qiyamul lail is a night prayer. Among the many night prayers, the main one is the prayer of superstition. It is said that the prayer of prayer is the position after the obligatory prayer of five times.

In a history it is said that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said, "The first prayer after the fardu prayer is qiyamullail"

Earlier, when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) left his qiyamul wail, he prayed during the day with twelve prayers.

Long ago, the Messenger of Allah. Always raise his family so that they can take part in the good times. She came to her daughter, fatimah, and her husband, ali ra. Seray knocked on their door at night. He was surprised that they both seemed to prefer sleep over prayer. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said to them, "Do you not pray?"

The great mystery that most people do not know is that

you only hear the superstition prayer. But rarely are you moved to do it.
You are not forced to believe that behind the prayer of superstition it holds a very, very great mystery before it proves itself. But if you have done it with great sincerity and humor, then you will have a change in your soul, your life and your life.

Think about it, if you didn't keep the great mystery why did the Messenger of Allah be diligent in doing so? Why was the prophet David so fond of establishing it? Why do the shahfs and the virtuous men with a superstition?

It is said that with the midnight prayer one will get glory from Allah, all the blessings that are not easily obtained by most people in the world. That glory encompasses heaven which is not only encountered in the afterlife but is directly felt on earth. If it dies, it becomes special khotimah, and good intentions of course granted by Allah swt.
If you have never felt the pleasure of standing at night with the midnight prayer, try to do it, surely you will feel longing for a merciful God.
Imagine, in the quiet, your concentration on God only. You can talk without interruption from outside. It is explained from Jabir that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said that "surely in the night there is a critical time to ask Allah for the good of the world and the Hereafter, surely Allah will give it and that every night". HR. Ahmad and Muslim.

The means of direct communication

Qiyamul lail, in this case prayer prayer, is the direct communication with Allah Almighty. When the night was quiet, a devout Muslim stood before God. He sang, sang and sang praises in his prayers. His spirit is connected with the Divine Being of the Almighty.
Many people pray but their prayers are not required. It is because of the lack of concentration on the God of prayer. Many people want glory, but their hearts still feel 'far' from God. That's because of the lack of concentration in communicating with his Lord. That is why prayer of worship is an excellent practice for 'connecting' the communication between the servant and his Lord.

grasping His love in silence

When you have prayed to turn your night on and have faith and practiced repentance, then the longer the superstition energy you feel in your soul. Your mind is bright and your soul is at ease.
Every night you 'date' your loving and affectionate 'lover'. Trust that you will find His love as you stand, kneel, bow, and sit in the silence of the night. When His love overflows all over your soul, wait, soon your life will be peaceful and happy.

look at My servant. How could he sacrifice himself for my sake? Secondly, a man who has a beautiful wife with a comfortable and comfortable bed, yet he wakes up at night and performs qiamul lail. God says "he left his orgasm and remembers saying my name, if he wished he could sleep." The three men on the journey with his caravan, slept late at night and got up in the morning, while he always got up at work to perform his qiamul lail. He settled it in both pleasure and sorrow. ”HR. Imam ath-Thabarani.

This is a big secret that is rarely noticed. Or it is known but they are not able to feel it. Why not? Because it was not moved to practice sorcery. Or do superstition but it is not true and it lacks sincerity.

Guaranteed entrance to heaven

Be sure that idolatry can make it easier for you to enter heaven. Whoever lives the night with the sunnah prayer, he receives the grace of Allah swt and receives heaven. The Prophet had promised that.

Obtain abundant grace
You know, people who are literally praying the prayer of prayer with sincere heart and peace, will surely find Allah's mercy. If grace had flowed into his life, he would have been a lucky man, both in the world and in the hereafter.

For the first time about the miracle of tahajjud prayer, may it be of benefit to us and to all of us. amiiien


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