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Posted by Katian123 on April 12th, 2020

His intrepidness and his indomitable spirit, typical of Venezuela born and blessed in my way, made him, our guest, break through in other latitudes of this American continent.

“I arrived in COSTA RICA in 2016. I am doing very well. This country has given me the opportunity to represent VENEZUELA in major body building events worldwide.

I left my country because of the circumstances that are known to you all around the world. I have left the most precious thing that is your home and your family, but with the certainty and integrity that I had better for myself and my chances ADDITIONAL TO ENJOY A DIGNIFIED AND PEACEFUL LIFE. TO BE HERE I KNOW WHAT LIFE IS AND I am thankful for that and set the name COSTA RICA to HIGH. ”

Very eloquent and pregnant words of great nostalgia, which are expressed by this experienced bodybuilding champion.

Venezuela was not only the womb where great champions of freedom and justice were born across the entire American continent, it is also considered the cradle of sports champions, from baseball or soccer to basketball or fencing to bodybuilding in all sports A Venezuelan has always excelled in the world as part of his elite.

We make the limitation and reminder of the different IFBB Pro League our nation owns, or the epic conquests of a particular Gustavo Badell or a well-known Yaxeni Oriquen who reached Ms. Olympia in 2005, just to briefly and succinctly mention some of the Awards received in the context of bodybuilding by people born in the country of Bol and confirm what we have stated in the previous paragraph.

In this order of ideas and in continuation of the theme of recognized gallantry and lineage of champions that Venezuelan athletes enjoy in international physical constructivism, we can tell them that our friend, the athlete Carlos Alfonso G.óMez Hernández is no stranger to this sporting legacy and if not, let's take a look at their track record:

* 1st place Champion 80 kg Challenge Cup Guariqueño 2013, San Juan de los Morros, Guárico; Venezuela

* 3. Place up to 80 kg National Warriors Championship of AnzoáTegui, Venezuela 2013

* 2nd place, second place 80 kg Cup 6th, Open Garden City 2014 Maracay, Venezuela

* 4. Place up to 80 kg 7th cup., Open Garden City, Maracay 2015

* 2nd place runner up to 85 kg Expo Body Cup Caracas, Venezuela 2015

* 1st, champion place up to 85 kg and absolute champion of the Costa Rica Cup in April 2017

* 1st, champion place more than 85 kg Puerto San José Cup, March 2017; Guatemala

 * 2nd place second over 85 kg Copa San Juan Sacatepéquez, June 2017; Guatemala

 * Champion in Classic Physique Division B and 2nd, place in bodybuilding Copa Prestige in Mexico, August 2017

* Second up to the 90 kg international championship in San José, Costa Rica; November 2017

* 3rd place in 85 kilos and 4th place in the Classic Physique Division B in Mr. Olympia Amateur South America made in Colombia; February 2018

* 5. Place 90 kg in the Mexico Super Show; June 2018

Exceptional honors for our Venezuelan master. After rewinding the film of life, in 2012 we were in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, where Hernández saw the light of life, but where he was also born as a bodybuilder, and at exactly this mathematical point of his existence the athlete decides to leave the competition arena. This is how his main character tells us this part of his personal story.

“Until then, in mid-2012, I was motivated to do and complete my training more seriously. Many thanks to these start-up trainers who saw the potential to get me on the stage. IN THE SAME YEAR 2012, IT WAS MY DEBUT IN THE COMPETITION RACES, IT WAS IN THE CLASSICAL PHYSICS CATEGORY IN ANZOÁTEGUI, VENEZUELA IN THE WAR MUG OF ANZOÁTEGUI, WHERE I WAS SEVEN, BAD, AND IT WAS BECOMED FOR THE FIRST AND ITSELF TO BREAK.

If you allow me to experience what happened there, I will tell you that, like every other time, I was a novelty and almost never knew how to pose and get around on the stage. I was on the first calls but I didn't manage to qualify but I still enjoyed the experience of what's important. ”

The aforementioned was the origin that led to Carlos Hern, we all know that now.


With the very original and natural greetings that are given in Costa Rica, "Hey mae, ¿pura vida?" That is the equivalent of saying: "Hey, brother, are you all right?" We addressed our compatriot today turned and Carlos Hernandez interviewed, and he answers us without hesitation: "Pura vida Mae" (All right, brother).

Installed in the front row in the well-known fitness studio of the Vital Fuerte Fitness Center in San José, Costa Rica, with our camera and our recorder in hand, we give lead (Venezuelan expressionism, which means "let's play something") for this interview.

Hernández, who is well educated, is also very calculating when it comes to speaking, and details his stay in this Tica country (name used to recognize Costa Rican natives).

“I had to rethink my future as a person and as an athlete due to the circumstances in Venezuela, so I decided to go to Costa Rica. I have to say with great joy and gratitude that here in this beautiful country the Ticos received me in a very pleasant and pleasant way. ”

It is very comforting to know this brother, more when we know that living in foreign countries is difficult, and more for the usual reasons that you left our country. Are you definitely planning to walk in Costa Rica? to understand?

I currently live here, but I plan to expand to Europe and the United States later. I have no words for this noble country and its people except praise and thanks for so much appreciation and support that your servant has given.

What is bodybuilding like in Costa Rica?

This sport is booming in the country, there are more and more people who are preparing for a competition and that these famous IFBB Pro like Maggy Cambronero and Alex Cambronero are holding the Latin American Championships here in Costa Rica. With 7 Pro cards, bodybuilding and fitness not only boosts in Costa Rica, but throughout Central America and the Caribbean. I congratulate both on this wise decision.

And what do you think about the current boom in the IFBB Pro League and the NPC based on the current status of this discussion?

This new stage is very interesting because it offers everyone or this athlete the opportunity to become a professional and to reach the big world stages without so many obstacles. In addition, today they have drawn more attention to the respect and importance of the athlete, who is the soul of this sport.

What is the most beautiful and outstanding thing about bodybuilding as a sport?

For me, the beautiful and important thing that bodybuilding has is the incredible body building that is achieved when you prepare. It also frees the practitioner to develop physical, mental, and emotional strength, which has a positive impact on the well-being of the individual and the discipline that is achieved to achieve these results. Beyond any award or trophy, this is the most important or relevant.


Please mention the athletes you admire in this sport:

I admire Mauro Pulido, IFBB Pro bodybuilding athlete from Venezuela, the current American champion Classic Physique Olympia from Breon Ansley and the living statue Cedric McMillan Bodybuilding Pro.

How were you as a certified personal trainer and online coach here in beautiful Costa Rica?

I am doing very well because my own team or team that prepares for competitions and advice for customers over the Internet has grown very well. All thanks to the excellent and convincing results of the customers, which are then referred to by other people. For those who are interested, I tell you that I will leave you the links to contact me if you need my instructions or if you do not, you can see me at the Vital Fuerte Fitness Center in San José, Costa Rica.

Tell us about your next competition:

My next competition will be on October 27, 2018 at the Latin American Championships here in Costa Rica, where I will fight for Procard. I will drive safely in Classic Physique Class B and possibly compete in bodybuilding up to 85 kg.

How is the preparation for this event going?

At this stage, my diet is high in carbohydrates combined with moderate protein consumption; Dietary methodological adjustments are made every week to determine changes.

My training system is called Muscular Metabolic Circuit (CMM) and is a system of progressive weight loads with the same number of repetitions per series. This type of training is used to break down muscle fibers that trigger hypertrophy in the work area. By the way, I tell you, the creator of this system is my trainer Krisna Estrada, he was the one who implemented this very effective training method in me.

My addition is as follows:

On an empty stomach before cardio, I take Vita Fuerte liquid L-carnitine. I consume with my main meals (CLA). Before training I use nitric oxide for vasodilation, after training I take glutamine and in the end I take isolated whey protein, low in fat and sugar. Thank God Vita Fuerte is responsible for my nutritional supplement.

Buddy, give us your words for all your fans and finally for all readers:

My words to all my followers and fans can be summarized in two sentences:

"There is no inept body. If your mind can do it, your body can do it."

The other would be one that is highly recognized by all of you:

"Never give up!".

Carlos, at this very moment, as the highlight of this pleasant conversation, I will give you the next few lines so that you can express the right thanks to those who have supported you.

At this point I would like to thank many people who have been the main focus of my career. To my wife Ghiseley Romero, who is an integral part and a pillar of my support in all of this.

Thanks to my trainer Krisna Estrada from Venezuela, I have this high-quality body build today thanks to him.

A thousand blessings to everyone in Costa Rica who knew how to give their support in one way or another.

To my Vitafuerte Fitness Center training house, which I rightly named the House of Champions.

To the entire work team and team Vitafuerte as well as to my work and management managers who have given me great support: Francis Castro "La Chama", Fray Jiménez and Jorge Zamora Jiménez.

Finally to my Neovital Wellnes Center muscle therapy house and the brand CR_FIT saw me.

Many thanks to the entire MD Latino team for your support to make this possible. God bless you.


Name: Carlos Alfonzo G.óMez Hernández

Place and date of birth: Caracas, Venezuela (06/11/88)

Profession: International trainer, strength training room and personal trainer at international level through the National Association for Bodybuilding in Venezuela; Year 2015

High: 1.76

Low season weight: 96 kg

Competitive weight: 85 kg in bodybuilding and 83 kg in classic body building

Competition categories: Classic body building and body building

Instagram: Psonal training

Facebook page: the trainer Psonaltraining

Email: alfonzo2487@gmail.com

We left with the satisfaction of our duty and with the pride to know that another Venezuelan compatriot is still hoisting the Venezuelan flag at the height of sporting life. See you. Do you know what God loves you.

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