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Trees For Cities’ Plant A Tree With A Boiler Installation

Posted by Wpjheating on April 12th, 2020

Planting trees on a massive scale in different cities across the globe is one of the most economical and practical ways to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, we need billions of trees—planted strategically without causing damage to urban areas and cropland—to truly make an impact. Trees For Cities is making this happen, and you can help by installing a boiler. That’s right—some of the best providers of boiler installation services are working with this charity so that whenever you install a boiler from them, Trees For Cities will plant one tree.

How It Works

Boilers these days are much more efficient than they were years ago. In fact, the best models are 70% better than those made five decades prior. However, heating appliances remain to be the second largest contributors to the carbon footprint of a typical household. 

This has prompted socially-conscious boiler installation companies to work with Trees for Cities, who plant a tree for each boiler they install. It’s their way of doing their bit to save the planet and inspire their customers to do the same.

If you need a new boiler and want to help Trees For Cities, then be sure to hire an installer that is affiliated with this organization. Some of the best ones are among the top plumbing and heating service providers in London. They offer all kinds of services—from boiler installation to repair, replacement, and maintenance. They also specialize in the most energy efficient boilers available today. Your project will be handled by professional and experienced engineers, so you can expect nothing less than uncompromised quality.

You have probably heard somewhere that “trees are investments,” and they really are. Every tree we plant today will ultimately benefit future generations while making our world just a little bit better. If you’re interested in becoming an active participant in creating greener cities, be sure to order your new boiler from a participating installer. By simply switching to a more energy-efficient boiler and having them install it, you can do your part in building a more sustainable environment. It’s a great way to offset your household’s carbon footprint while improving your quality of life.

About the Author:

WPJ Heating was founded by Will Hawksley and PJ Luard in the year 2002. They discussed the intricacies of plumbing and boilers and decided to join forces. Today WPJ Heating has grown to 26 employees. Their fleet of tradesmen now includes gas engineers, plumbers, a drainage and pressure jetting team, multi-trade bathroom fitters, electricians and decorators. Their mission is to become the leading heating company in London.

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