Car Shopping during COVID-19 Pandemic: 4 Things You Should Know

Posted by autocafefl on April 15th, 2020

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, many states and localities in the US have ordered businesses, schools, and workplaces to close or restrict the number of people in public gathering. Around 24 states have advised their residents to shelter-in-place or stay home. As a result, many auto dealerships, including Used Car Dealers, have closed their showroom but keeping their operating rooms open. 

 Though there is no solid impact felt upon the car market and auto industry for now, it is expected that there will be decline in production and sales, especially after the shutdown of many manufacturing plants. 

 Amidst all this chaos, people who are planning to sell or buy cars are coming up with various concerns. Even though buying a new or used car might not be your major concern right now, life will eventually get normal after some time. So, here, we are discussing a few questions that you might be having now or later. 

 Are used car dealerships still opening and serving their customers?

The situation is changing everyday in the US. The auto production has been shut down for now but car repairing, car sales, and leasing operations are still running in most states. The Federal Department of Homeland Security addressed vehicle service and parts businesses and vehicle leasing and rental services on its essential infrastructure - exempt from closure orders. However, it did not address car sales businesses. While a few states have stopped sales, others are allowing them to remain open. It’s best to contact the individual used car dealers to know. 

 Will there be shortages of imported used cars?

For now, the answer is no. But, it could happen at least for European vehicles. It is now unclear how much the coronavirus pandemic will affect the vehicle shipping and delivery to car dealers. Since there is no issue of production as used cars have already been produced, launched, and delivered, used car dealerships will be affected by it only by a small margin if they do. 

 Should I not buy cars built elsewhere with major parts manufactured outside the USA?

Avoiding cars built with parts from outside the US would not be easy because of the global supply chains. Fortunately, none of them will pose a significant risk as life of the virus on various materials can range from hours to days but not as long as it takes the most US built or imported cars to show up at dealerships. However, it is not recommended to buy a used car directly from a seller, especially if you are not confirmed about their health status these days. Choosing used car dealers is a far safer choice. 

 Do I risk the exposure of coronavirus from car shopping?

Since people are being discouraged to share rides or use public transportation, getting a car might even be a priority for many people. Car dealers are taking precautions and offering ways to buy and take delivery safe without any contact. So, there are fewer chances.

 Just ensure that you are choosing the right Used Car Dealers who are responding well to this pandemic and ensuring the safety of their customers by taking precautionary measures. 

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