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Revealing the strict workflow of office cleaning service - 2020

Posted by dondaucothau on April 15th, 2020

Revealing the strict workflow of office cleaning service

Office cleaning services are now used by many companies for convenience, quickly and non-wasted cleaning time. However, before picking any office cleaning service, learn some of the strict rules we mention below.

Knowing the process of using office cleaning service will help you save time and do not encounter any problem that can affect your or the office cleaning service’s benefits:

Weekly office cleaning service:

Choose a fixed day of the week to clean all surfaces. Source:

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- Choose a fixed day of the week to clean the surface of desks, file cabinets, walls, shelves in the office.

- Clean the desks, computers, computer keyboards thoroughly with a dedicated disinfectant spray.

- Cleaning and changing office carpets, office rags.

- Clean the glass doors, wipe both the glass and the glass frames fully.

- Clean windows, shutters, basic ventilation throughout the office.

- Clean the areas of ​​trash, office waste bins

- Clean corridor areas, elevators, and emergency stairs

Monthly office cleaning service:

- Clean the wall mounted parts such as toilet paper boxes, air conditioner control boxes, air conditioners, wall fans. Special hygiene parts, tools, fixtures mounted in the toilet.

- Vacuum all corners of the office with a versatile vacuum cleaner.

- Clean and polish the floor with specialized tools, the polishing process of the floor is done quickly in 20 minutes.

- Polish office furniture such as: desks, reception desk, chairs to maintain professionalism, durability of each one.

- Carry out deeper cleaning of dust in the vents, cleaning overhead ventilation fans and hard-to-reach areas in the office such as corners, walls, etc.

- Clean windows, wipe glass, remove all stains and fingerprints sticking on the glass surface and frame.

- Vacuum the sticky dust on the cloth chairs, salong chairs carefully

Yearly office cleaning service:

Yearly cleaning office service. Source:

- Clean the ceiling, office, clean everything

- Polish floors, stone floors to maintain its beauty and extend its life.

- Clean the air conditioners, refrigerators, ventilation fans.

Notice: When calling office cleaning service

Before using any office cleaning service, you should check the quality and trust of the company you choose. Avoid using low quality and time-consuming services, here are some tips you should know before calling an office cleaning service.

Select companies with reputable business

These units have long-term working experience, a large number of professional staff. They also invest in modern sanitary equipment.

Select units with professional staff

Experienced employees will work very professionally and quickly without causing any damage to your office or company.

Learn about the all cleaning equipment this unit uses

Usually, cleaning service providers have to buy machines, cleaning detergents ... You should learn about the function of these devices to use the service in the most effective way.

Be carefully on the terms of the contract and cleaning service area

Which areas to clean, where to clean ... what you should agree with the service provider and what you should not ignore is the terms you must consider before signing the contract.

With the information about office cleaning services that we’ve just introduced above, we hope to provide you some understanding of the strict principles in office cleaning service, and hope you can find a dedicated service provider soon.

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