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How to distinguish CNC milling machine and machining center

Posted by aiyunyingxu on April 15th, 2020

There are many CNC milling machine and machining center, how to distinguish between cnc machine tools. CNC Processing product is also quite a lot, the kinds of common CNC milling machine and machining center, many people confuse also don't know how to buy, below will share you with some tips. 

What is the difference between numerical control milling machine and machining center, this issue is not only to make people very confused, also many industry insiders have silly points not clear. 

Simple said is the upgraded version of machining center CNC milling machine, if compared cnc milling machine, that the level of machining center is gold saints. 

In fact this two kinds of processing equipment has the following three aspects: the difference is whether or not to bring a knife library are ordinary CNC milling machine CNC operating system (For example Japan fanuc, Siemens of Germany, China, central China or wide number, etc. )

While they watch the equipment, the biggest difference is that whether or not to bring a knife library, machining center is a knife library CNC milling machine, machining center can implement a clamping finishes the work of multi-channel processing operations, such as milling, drilling, tapping processing and so on, because it can realize automatic tool change, and in the process of multiplex process of continuous processing, the operator is not need human intervention, as long as a good program, configured the cutting tool and the corresponding parameters. 

Not so with the CNC milling machine, CNC milling machine can achieve more than once the clamping process, the difference is that in the process of transformation in the process, must be manual tool change, so the process is discontinuous, is more than one degree of discontinuous execution, so whether in machining quality, or on the machining efficiency, is a processing center slightly inferior. 

So you see in a device, you can be very straightforward by whether or not to bring a knife library to determine whether it is a CNC milling machine, or a processing center, this is a gold standard. 

Whether the protection it for many devices, is not absolute, and a lot of CNC milling machine also gradually began to make full protection of the processing mode, of course, there are a lot of the old by adopting remains open CNC milling machine processing, or half a protective way of processing, which to a certain extent, and the current processing center still has certain difference, of course the distinction is not absolute,

It and the development process of the equipment has the very big relations, in the early stages of processing equipment, numerical control, many manufacturers are not too pay attention to appearance design and safe protection, basically still stays on the appeal to the function, so a lot of CNC milling machine are made into the form of open mode, or to do good is half open form, although the CNC milling machine is not much defect on the function, but in machining the safety and environmental aspects of a lot of deficiencies, such as processing of high temperature iron filings will splash into the human body, cause harm to human body, used for cooling in the process of machining tool cooling fluid will splash to the operator, operator soiled clothes and so on, so although the progress of the research and development of production equipment, especially the invasion of foreign high-end equipment, processing equipment design and manufacturing in our country also towards a more humane, more beautiful, more artistic strides forward on the road. 

This is a process, any progress requires a process, product technology, product artistic, is unified requirements for industrial products in the future, is also the only way for the development of industrial products in the future. 

Whether with automatic chip removal device on the judgement standards and a, is not absolute standard, is based on processing equipment development process to judge standard of a motor, the reason is because the previous equipment on r&d of some trade-offs in hindsight, function, caused a lot of new CNC milling machine, full protection and automatic chip removal device is basically standard, not big difference and processing center. 

But for those old-fashioned CNC milling machine, the judge or works, after all, a no protection of equipment, is that no matter how to also dare not to expect any automatic chip removal, actually now machinery industry practitioners, thanks to this day and age, the age provides the technology and the ability to liberate our hands, let us be more relaxed and efficient in our work, and as industrial 4. 

Comprehensive development of 0, the liberation of labor are crazy, even for a lot of labor or labor way out, we must always be prepared. 

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