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The fabric passed through the resin slurry groove

Posted by chinadingkai on April 16th, 2020

Seen as dense, thick and different from normal. When disperse dyes are not used, and non-high temperature dyeing is used, polyester fibers are not colored. Appearance of cotton (Nep): The cloth surface shows cotton fiber clusters similar to the size of the joints, and those are spun into the yarn.

The number of warp yarns used as the cloth edge is too small, or the cloth edge line is not rejoined after breaking, resulting in an insufficient number of yarn edges. Causes: Broken warp, thinning, dense road, etc. There is one or several of the warp threads, and the tension during weaving is too large. (28) Fading of Selvage or Discoloration Appearance: The finished fabric after printing and dyeing has a different color than the normal.

The fabric passed through the resin slurry groove and adhered to the cloth surface, and then pressed by the rollers to form a sheet tightly adhered to the polyester raw materials factory surface. Cause: One of the warp yarns is too tight due to the tension on the weaving, or the joints are pulled too tightly after the warp yarn breaks. Cause: In the weft knitted fabric, when setting or resin processing, the cloth feed direction is wrong, resulting in a row of loops being pulled straight. (38) The appearance of the pattern is blurry: the lines of the pattern are not clear enough to make the pattern feel fuzzy. (6) Mispick appearance: two weft yarns are woven into the same weaving mouth, and occasionally there are three or more.

After being found, the operator will stop and dismantle. Causes: 1). The shape is mostly small pieces, and there is a certain distance between the two pollutions. In the weft bobbin or in the bobbin yarn used for weft, a small amount of yarn has been curled and twisted. (29) Edge mark appearance: refers to the cylindrical knitted fabric, where the two sides of the tubular flat fold turn, showing abnormal dyeing. (46) Squeegee appearance: printed fabric has a single color trace in the warp or longitudinal direction. (28) Fissure appearance: The warp or weft yarns that are juxtaposed are inclined in an arc to form a gap. 2). Causes: 1). 3). 2). Overlapping with the printed fabric will wet the printed fabric, and the printed paste will infiltrate and spread. 

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