Don't Suffer With Female Sexual Dysfunction: Ways To Bring The Spark Back

Posted by FelixBlack on April 16th, 2020

This may be something of a personal story, but it's my story about female sexual dysfunction. 

I have never had a high sex drive. I don't really go and masturbate, look at porn, or even have sexual thoughts about other people. I used to consider this just as a side effect of not having a good sexual partner. There's been many experiences in my life where the partners I've engaged with where I was left more than unsatisfied. 

This was an easy scapegoat for my lack of sexual drive. I very much consider myself demisexual, or unable to have a sexual desire or attraction toward anyone until there has been a lasting and intimate connection with one's partner. 

A major change occurred in my life and totally altered the way that I viewed my sexual drives and ultimately my dysfunction. I met my current partner and over a period of several months I became entirely sexually comfortable with them. We have a long distance relationship but when we do get time together there is very often times were we engage in sex. My partner and I are the same age and health and they have no trouble getting off at all. Despite my utter attraction to them and their talent in the bedroom, I can't get off. 

In fact, I've never been able to get off. Not in all the years that I've been sexually active have I once climaxed or orgasmed. I am able to build up, but it goes nowhere. 

Now I knew that I could no longer blame my sexual partners on my lack of sexual drive. It was my own self. After from searching on the internet, I realized that I suffered from sexual dysfunction. Currently I do not have a way of affecting it but I am considering my options. 

I am also considering going to my gynecologist and speaking to them about my sexual troubles. I would like to note that I am not on any form of birth control or medication. I am in my early 20's and lead a healthy and moderately active lifestyle. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to have a normally functioning sexual life.  There are Female Viagra as new treatment fro female sexual dysfunction.

My partner and I are going to try to introduce different toys to see if that will help get me over the ledge (literally lol). If not, I am considering trying some supplements but am hesitant to go for anything hormonal as I'm not really willing to make those kinds of changes to my body. 

If you're also suffering from female sexual dysfunction, I very much feel that you should openly communicate this to your partner/s and probably your doctor as well. Open communication will really help you move forward in this issue. 

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