Can Healthcare Furniture Truly Deliver Great Design At The Right Price?

Posted by Sebel Furniture on April 16th, 2020

Hospitals have identified the health and recovery advantages of enhancing wards and departments’ aesthetics while healthcare furniture manufacturers in Australia are breaking the conventional cycle of offering products that their clients desire. They now offer pieces that are a lot better for healthcare professionals and their patients alike, while also delivering greater general value. So, what does it appear like?

Delivering greater value

  • Lower manufacturing costs: High volume furniture production using techniques like plastic injection, high-pressured laminated wood, and 3D printing together with decreased outside-Europe-furniture-production overheads is enabling companies to deliver tough but stylish furniture to hospitals at much lower costs.
  • Better materials: The consistent challenge of handling infection risks has greatly impacted furniture design, especially the kind of used materials. Anti-microbial coverings are presently pretty much conventional practice while the industry is also noticing a shift to welded steel – which features fewer joins to bacteria,buildup and is a lot stronger and longer-lasting – from wooden-framed furniture.
  • Smarter design: Smarter design does not always mean progressively complex. Frequently, with hospital furniture, there is a need to ensure that things become easier, simpler, and faster. For instance, a trolley with six drawers that are clearly labelled helps in ensuring the needs of a nursing team at their fingertips instead of a complex trolley that features lots of varying add-ons. Or, a reclining chair that needs almost no effort push-back and does not depend on electric mechanisms that could break more easily. This is among the foremost healthcare furniture in Australia.

Improved ergonomics and design

  • More practical: Simplicity needs to be truly practical too. And, that is precisely where clever design also comes in – from bedside tables and chairs with fast releases and removable components for easy cleaning, to nesting IV stands which save space when they aren’t in use.
  • Inspired by greats: You view examples of truly great designs in departments and wards all through the world. Even though the ultimate result might be a bit more suited to their individual environment, some of the most classic styles and lines are actually mirrored on iconic pieces. Take some of the most trending armchairs for instance, their wide arms, angled seats, as well as steel frames are echoed by recliner and bedside chairs. Or take some chairs that feature low back, comfortable, wide seats, and wooden frames which are similar to some chairs seen in departments.
  • Greater choice: New manufacturing and design techniques are offering much greater choice to hospitals. They aren’t restricted to all blue furniture featuring a little purple that’s thrown in, any longer – they could choose from hundreds of varying finish and colour options to complement the general décor and also make the environment a much nicer place to live. But, that is accompanied by the need for greater guidance. More options could end in more confusion and it is left for the company to ensure that every customer gets supplied with a product that is appropriate for him.

So, maybe it is now time to give hospital departments and wards a little bit more respect with the right healthcare furniture. The furniture isn’t only made to be tough and durable enough to endure constant use, but it is affordable too.

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