How to Grow your Business in COVID 19

Posted by Usama Hashmi on April 16th, 2020

Worried about your business in this coronavirus outbreak and lockdown?

I have several ideas on how to boost your business through online digital marketing and so on. It’s very tragic the world is facing pandemic and lots of people lose their lives.

As the united states of America after China is the one facing the devastating loss of lives. They have closed their offices due to lockdown. worldwide people have close there daily routing businesses and offices.

It’s an official order to be Quarantine at our homes. Manifold offices are suffering their growth due to lockdown. The hardest-hit for small businesses is COVID 19 because they don’t have sufficient funds for the long run.

Huge businesses, however, do not be affected by this outbreak as they have the sources for their survival.

Planing is very important to a business for its growth and development in this difficult time it is important to plan a  business for at least 6 months.

Financial Assistance By the Government

Small entrepreneurs financially assisted by the government to expand and establish their business in the country.

If in this hard time your business does not have enough sources as no one is working in offices due to lockdown. The government is providing financial assistance.

They have their schemes for funding to institutions, businesses, and hospitals. The government is always been supportive in this case

Quarantine time with Online Working 

I am working in a digital marketing agency Ideators for around eight months.

As this quarantine announced my boss decides to finish all the pending work and tell us to work in our homes.

To stay at home and work online it gives the more valuable time as we all are free in our home we can take more time out of it.

Work should not get stopped, a company stands with its sincere employees. No matter if you are not able to go on your job on a daily basis but do all your work in your home. Do not get panic, a relaxed mindset is necessary for the innovative growth of a business.

Do not stressed out. Online working is one of the best ways to overcome every hurdle that the company faces as the world is moving towards a digital world.

Nurturing the Staffs Skills

Organization is worthless without the effort of its staff. Employes are the backbone of any organization.

When it comes to quarantine to maintain the goodwill of your organization keep the online training active towards your employ.

Train them with additional skills. Provide them knowledge about the online courses that are linked to the area of your business.

Create digital marketing strategies and plan to boost your business this work can be done by your team while staying at home during COVID 19.

Online buyers 

Remember its lockdown it’s no curfew, your online presence on your websites is important. Show an online advertising campaign for online payment.

Make sure if you are a home-based seller there must be a courier service available for your purchasers. Optimized your content in the search engine it will be easy for the customer to search there much-needed product.

Who says business can not run in COVID 19 all you need is self-determination and hard work.

Try to explain the value experienced by your product. Spread your networking on different websites and channels for better development for your business.

Strong Customer Relationship 

Being a part of a digital marketing company gave me a marvelous experience to develop good terms with customers.

Employes and customers sum up the career growth of any organization. Let me explain why? If your business is based on online sellings then customer satisfaction comes first. Marketing of your brand can attract customers but what type of product quality you are up to is important. Prioritize online chattings with the customer.

Develop easy FAQS for visitors, offer discount packages on your product and make sure for fast and better services put an inbound customer service numbers. And I believe Quarantine is a time where you can develop a strong seller and customer relationship. 

Using Emails 

Update your business partners about the condition regarding COVID 19 and how to work in Quarantine. It’s one to a professional way to lead your team.

Not just for the working purpose but you can send emails to your regular customers for the recent updates on your stores and schemes.

Working in a relaxed environment on a regular bases provides more comfort to work.


Increase Online Presence 

Restaurants are facing crises in their daily based income due to COVID 19. Need not to worry. You can do it through an online food business.

Book online orders and cook in your homes. Remember time management is important if you are doing an online food business.

Do not stress out if you have faced crises during the quarantine. So from now boost up your food business through the internet.

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