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Master the Game of Minecraft with this Simple Tool Called: Click Speed Tool

Posted by NickIrwin on April 17th, 2020

You all must be wondering what the hell is Click speed Tool. Don’t worry! I will uncover each and almost everything to help you perform better at Minecraft games. After all, this tool master make you master in improving your clicking speed.

So what is Click speed tool?

Click speed tool is a simple test to calculate your mouse clicking speed in a specific time limit coded in the backend. It gives you the exact data of your clicking speed, in short how fast you can click.

In this tool, every user can check their cps rate. The faster you click, the more will be your CPS rate.

In game you are provided with two input options sing which you can perform a click.

  •       Keyboard
  •       Mouse

I usually prefer to perform a click using a mouse because it can give you accurate result of ability to click faster in the Minecraft games.

How does the tool work and where you can check your clicking speed?

Here I am mentioning step wise step point on the functioning of the tool and exactly where you can test your clicking skills, so stay tuned.

  •       Go through the website Click speed test.
  •       Start the game by clicking with mouse or keyboard.
  •       After the time over you will be shown your CPS score.
  •       Alternately, you can perform clicking choosing different time interval. For example: In a second, in a minute, in a 30 second period etc.
  •       You can restart the game at any given point of time.

What is the cps test & How to calculate cps?

CPS is the average number of clicks per second done by the user. It is the prime indicator to tell you how fast you can click in a given interval of time. The end result of the test tool is provided in CPS.

Calculating CPS (Clicks Per Second)

The formula to calculate the Click per Second
CPS=Number of Clicks/ Number of Seconds.

How to improve your cps speed using the click speed test?

So far, I have told you almost everything related to the tool. Now is the time get better at mastering the most important term i.e. cps rating. Simply there are 4 important ways to improve CPS score.

  •       Regular Clicking
  •       Jitter Clicking
  •       Butterfly Clicking
  •       Drag Clicking

Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is the most widely used and performed by people. Whether it is editing documents, browsing the web or performing daily task, we usually do regular clicking.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is what we call a little harder to perform than regular clicking, but the end result is very satisfying if you learn how to do it. It can almost increase your clicking speed twice the speed you have it now.

The high score in jitter clicking varies between 10 t0 14 CPS. If you want to increase your performance at clicking jitter clicking is the best way to start with.

Butterfly Clicking

There is no doubt about that Butterfly clicking is much faster than jitter clicking. With the use of Butterfly clicking, you can achieve the speed of 15 to 25 CPS. I find butterfly clicking very easy and handy when I did that. It insanely effect my clicking speed.

Drag Clicking

Last but not the least. Drag clicking till now is the fastest and most efficient way to improve your clicking speed. This type of clicking is more suitable for kohi Click test.

One can easily achieve the score of 100 cps learning this way of clicking. In drag clicking, your finger from the top of the mouse button hit the arch when you move it down.

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