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4KCurved gaming monitors

Posted by MonitorsZone on April 19th, 2020

4k curved monitor might seem like a gimmick compared to flat-screen displays that work plenty fine, but there are some real advantages to them. With a screen that wraps around your field of view, you can see more of the display at a glance and reducing the need to shift your focus to different parts of the screen. On top of reducing eye strain, a curved monitor creates a more immersive, distortion-free viewing experience.

Monitorszone completed hours of hands-on (or eyes-on) testing with a huge collection of curved gaming monitors, ranging in size from 27" up to a massive, (ultra-)ultrawide 49" model. Based on our testing and consideration of price, features, and performance, here are our picks for the best curved gaming monitors.When looking for the best curved monitors for gaming, there are a few things to consider over traditional flat monitors. Curved displays offer a more immersive gaming experience by providing ideal viewing angles and all-encompassing visuals, especially on an ultrawide screen. Aside from curvature, you should pay attention to the three Rs: resolution, refresh rate, and response time when looking for a decent display.


Check out our guide to the best gaming monitors for those who want some non-curved awesomeness.A panel's curvature, or curve radius, is key to your viewing experience. Most curved panels are rated across a range: roughly 4000R to 1500R. The lower the number, the higher the curvature of the panel.

Each number represents the radius (in millimetres) of a circle that has you, the viewer, at the centre. Imagine a curved panel in your mind's eye. Now, plot out two lines extending from either side. How large would the circle have to be for both sides to meet? Make sure to jot down how you reached your answer.Okay, no need to do the maths. The higher the number, the bigger the circle, the gentler a panel's curve. A 1500R panel is plotted onto a much smaller circle and therefore will feature a far sharper curve than one specified as 4000R.The distance you sit from your monitor will also play a part in choosing which curvature is ideal for you. You'll generally find gaming monitors around the 1800R mark, right in the sweet spot for desktop gaming. A more pronounced curve, viewed at a greater distance, could negatively impact viewing angles and your overall experience.

The cost is also a huge factor, and some of these monitors don't come cheap. That's why we compiled a handful of budget and premium curved monitors that we love for gaming.In either case, to take full advantage of your fancy new display, you should make sure you have the hardware that's up to snuff. If you're planning on picking up a massive ultrawide display like the AOC Agon AG493UCX, make sure you have the best graphics card that can easily support gaming on the demanding 5120x1440 resolution at 120Hz.Gamers on a budget or those who don't have the 49 inches of desk real estate could look at something like the Pixio PXC273 for a fraction of the cost. You'll get the speed for the competitive games you usually play, if you don't mind going smaller and losing out on some features.Below you'll find a list of some of the best curved monitors for gaming that we have managed to get our hands-on.

Asus TUF Gaming VG27VQ

You can get the gently curving Asus TUF Gaming VG27VQ for a great price, and it's all the more surprising how many extras it offers at the price. This 27-inch monitor has a bright VA panel that can hit a 165Hz refresh rate and offer a 4ms response time. At 1080p, it shouldn't present too much of a challenge to drive at high frame rates, but FreeSync is available just in case.

What's more impressive at this price is the display quality. The panel hits a surprisingly high 400 nits and supports HDR10, both of which are aided along by a high 3,000:1 contrast ratio. When you don't want those deep darks in games where other players might be able to hide, the monitor offers a shadow boost mode to brighten up the dark corners where campers may lie.

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