How to Use Music Streaming Service as Alarm on Android

Posted by miaminton on April 20th, 2020

Thinking of setting up your favorite music as a morning alarm to wake up? Don’t bother; we are providing this blog for your query. We have a Google Clock application that accesses streaming services for fetching your desired music as an alarm sound. It fetches a variety of sound-track to wake up in the morning. Pursue these guidelines to set up the Google Clock app on your device.

Getting Google Clock Application

There are a number of Clock and alarm applications available on Play Store, but the most preferred and appreciated application is the “Google Clock.” It comes as a pre-installed application in various pixel smartphones. In case you are running a different handheld device, then your smartphone must hold a different clock app that comes with your smartphone.

If you wish to get the Google-based Clock application, then pursue these instructions:

  • Launch the Google Play Store and hit the search pane.
  • Enter Google Clock into the search bar, followed by the Enter key.

Note: The existing alarm set up on your native clock application will not be carried over to this new application (Google Clock.) So, it is requested to turn the older alarm to Off and setup new on Google Clock. This action will prevent you from ringing two alarms simultaneously.

  • Google Clock also provides various interesting services for its users. If the alarm is ringing and you wish to listen to all the tracks of the playing song, then you can do so by not turning the alarm to Off or snooze.

Note: Make sure to have your smartphone connected to a compatible internet connection for the Google Clock to access the streaming service that you have set up.

Streaming Services Synced to Google Clock Application

Three integrated streaming services can be linked to Google based Clock application: Pandora Radio, YouTube Music, and Spotify.  These streaming services provide a wide range of streaming services related to your preferred music.

Set Up Spotify Songs as your Morning Alarm

Spotify serves as the most preferred and desired streaming service in the world. In case you have the Android device, then you might be Spotify account on your device. Users need to run the Spotify account with a premium subscription for availing the features to get connected to Google Clock.

Follow these guidelines to know how to set up Spotify Songs as your alarm:

  • In the beginning, hit the Google Clock application to launch and hit the bell icon situated just beneath one of the available alarm to enter the sound settings of alarm.
  • After that, hit the Spotify button there and press the Connect tab situated at the lowermost section of the screen.
  • In case you have the Spotify account on your device, then you will be automatically brought to the Permissions screen.
  • Then, press the acceptance tab: “Agree.” This action will help your device to connect the Google Clock with Spotify Account.
  • When the Google App is connected to the Spotify account, then go to the section of Spotify situated at the sound settings of alarm. You will be able to view various Spotify playlists, including “wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” “Wide Awake,” and other music tracks. Once you have tapped one among them, then the Google Clock will shuffle your playlist each day with a new song.
  • In case you want to preview the song you are listening to, then hit the playlist there.
  • For searching through the wide list of Spotify playlist database, then one can use the search panel for the same task. Tap the custom playlist option to choose between various playlist options, albums, and shuffle among the playlists. You will view millions of web-based songs in the Spotify library or playlist.

 Using Podcasts

Spotify account holds can use podcasts and set it as their alarm. It can serve as their daily podcasts. You can choose one of the available podcasts provided through the Google Clock app. Create the playlist full of multiple episodes and select your desired one.

Using YouTube Music as Morning Alarm

To set up YouTube music as your morning alarm, then you have to install the application on your device first. In order to sync the Google Clock application with a YouTube music account, you have to get a paid subscription for availing premium services. It works just like the Spotify application.

To set the YouTube music as your alarm, follow these guidelines:

  • Go to the alarm sound set up section and hit the YouTube Music application located at the upper mid area of the page.
  • Now, you will be able to view complete playlists having a variety of song genres, including “Today’s hits,” “Relaxation,” and “Pop Music.” You can also avail of the benefits of general songs, playlists, artists etc. that you have played in recent times.
  • If you want to view your desired and most played artist, then hit the “Under Favorites” section.
  • Your preferred music mix will be available under the tab “Your Mix.”

Mia Minton  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like

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