The Glory of Traffic Preemption

Posted by iammikebrown6 on April 20th, 2020

Traffic signal preemption is a game changer. It allows you to change traffic when certain vehicles are nearby. The major benefit to this is you can suddenly have low response rates for emergency vehicles and safer passage for pedestrians. You do this through traffic preemption and pedestrian signaling. Pedestrians are able to walk on the road safely and this reduces the amount of accidents you have. It also reduces the amount of deaths which is very useful. When you do that, the secondary effects is your hospital’s will work more efficiently since there are less people going to them. When this happens, you can be sure that you are living in a better city as people will be happier and more fulfilled when they spend less time on the road.

Pedestrian Signaling

The major benefit of pedestrian signaling is you can know where people are and stop traffic. This allows you to save lives and prevent accidents. Thousands of people die every year due to being hit by a car. Municipalities and cities can reduce this by focusing on saving lives and stopping this from ever happening. They do this by having a detector see when people are crossing the road and stopping the traffic. All these systems are connected together and it allows everything to work seamlessly with one another. You never have to worry about another person getting hit by a car when they tried to cross the road. There are a host of benefit from this that every city would want. Many secondary effects include not having in losses that come from someone getting it by a car and not having so many emergency response vehicles going about.

Traffic Preemption

This is the same thing with traffic preemption. Not all traffic is the same. Sometimes, a city might want to modify the way traffic flows. They can do this with traffic preemption to be able to stop traffic in one direction. These technologies aren’t science fiction, but they are here and you can use them as a city. There are even technologies that allow you to detect which lane a certain vehicle is in. You have that level of control over everything and you can improve your transit system by using it. The major benefit is your transit system would then be able to function more quickly. People could depend on them a lot better and that would mean no one being delayed because the bus was late.

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