The Process Of Safe Online Shopping

Posted by TuanSilver on April 20th, 2020

internet shopping

More and more customers shop online. However, this also increases the risk of falling victim to fraud. With some idea from this article can help avoid disappointment when shopping online.

No more queuing, choosing from the comfort of your sofa and finding cheap offers: these are just three of the reasons why more and more users shop online. The number of online shoppers has increased steadily in recent years. The mobile internet also seems to play a part in this. According to a survey, almost 50 percent of smartphone owners also use their device in connection with Internet purchases.

However, online shoppers are becoming more and more victims of criminals. The attackers are targeting the account information of credit cards, login details, PINs and other personal data. The main methods of attack are phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks and spying on encrypted SSL or TLS connections.

So that you do not experience any nasty surprises when shopping, you should consider the following tips for safe online shopping:

First check the provider. See the imprint of the page. The complete company address and the person responsible should always be listed there. Also get more information on the website. Certificates and seals of approval stand for secure online shopping. You can find detailed information about the award conditions on the website of the respective certification organization, which you can usually access by clicking on the seal. There you will learn more about the relevance of the individual certificates.

Make sure that the goods offered are precisely described and have the receipt of your order confirmed in writing by the dealer. Beware of too many positive reviews! The reviews of the products could be fake.

Protect yourself by letting the entire ordering process run over an SSL-secured connection. You can recognize the encryption by symbols such as a padlock in the browser or by the "https" in front of the Internet address. If the shop does not offer SSL encryption, nothing should be ordered. The SSL certificate must also be valid. If the browser issues a message about an invalid certificate, you should avoid the shop.

Pay attention to additional costs such as cash on delivery fees and service fees. Shipping fee information should be clearly identified. Also check if the price includes VAT, service fees and shipping costs.

Avoid disclosing credit card or account details to previously unknown shops. The safest payment method is payment by invoice. Avoid sites that only allow payment in advance, as money once transferred is no longer recoverable. Caution should also be exercised when paying by credit card. Find out whether the online retailer offers a secure payment method via an SSL connection. Ask whether your card institute will compensate for the damage incurred if the paid goods are not delivered.

Avoid offers that actually sound too good to be true. Obtain opinions or information about such sites and offers beforehand.

internet shopping

It is also recommended to bookmark sites that you have already bought from. You can then quickly go to a proven shop. Don't rely on Google search to find a shop you know. Criminals often use similar addresses with small misspellings to mislead customers.

Do not make your online purchases in public environments such as internet cafes, but rather in a protected environment from home. Use a proven anti-virus security solution and always keep it up to date.

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Check the information provided by the provider about the handling of personal data and their transfer to third parties and whether your consent to the transfer of personal data has already been pre-set. Deactivate the associated click box. Otherwise there is a risk that you will find significantly more spam emails in your mailbox in the future.


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