Your Trading Business Depends On A Good Logistics Partner

Posted by Pal Line on April 20th, 2020

Singapore is predominantly a trading economy. Though the market size in the country is small, the potential in the neighboring countries is what attracts a large number of imports into Singapore. Exports also are high as countries near Singapore prefer to load the cargo here because of better port infrastructure and a greater number of ships sailing from here. These are the reasons for the large trading business in Singapore. More trading demands more logistics support including shipping, transporting, warehousing and customs work. One of the factors that greatly affect the trading business is the container shipping rates.

How Container Shipping Rates Affect Business

As you know the trading market is very competitive. Many countries from around the world purchase goods from Singapore traders, even though they are manufactured in other countries. This is because of the promptness of delivery and quality of goods. Another important factor that influences business is the price. The export and import prices of goods will include many components, of which shipping costs are a major part. Any increase in shipping freight rates can adversely affect exports to other countries.

Freight charges can be influenced by various factors. Shipping rates vary greatly with the season. If it is the festival season around the world, the shipping rates can go up before that. Fuel costs also influence the container rates. Other than actual shipping freight, additional costs incurred at the port can also affect your total shipping costs. It is here that a good logistics company can help the business. Logistics companies with good contacts around the globe can get you good rates. They will also be aware of seasonal changes and book the cargo before the price rise. They will also ensure that the additional costs don't increase too much.

Warehouse Facilities In Singapore

Another requirement for trading business is warehousing facilities. Cargo must be stored before it is sent to other countries or customers in Singapore. For this purpose, the trading companies need warehouses. Owning and maintaining warehouses is a very expensive affair for small and medium traders. As the volume of their cargo varies with each shipment, they cannot afford to have large warehouses and keep them empty when there is less cargo. The best thing for them to do is to take the support of logistics companies for warehouse distribution logistics.

Traders must be able to rent warehouses as per their requirements. Logistics companies in Singapore offer warehousing and distribution services for the traders. This allows them to not just stock their materials in the warehouse but also to distribute them to their customers in Singapore. The logistics companies offer to unload the cargo inside the warehouse and segregating them into lots to be transported to various places in Singapore. This avoids the need for traders to depend on another service provider for the distribution of goods.

These warehouses offer excellent security for goods stored in them as part of the warehousing and distribution solutions. There will be 24-hours surveillance in these warehouses. These warehouses also ensure that all movements of the goods are recorded properly. The service providers also provide transport for the goods to be carried inside Singapore. They will also provide transport by road across the border to Malaysia and Thailand.

The success of the trading business depends greatly on the service provided by the logistics companies in Singapore. Apart from shipping and warehousing, these companies also offer to get the goods cleared from the port very quickly and without any hassles.

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