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start the day with prayer dhuha

Posted by Ubhe96 on April 21st, 2020


The human body has hundreds of bones that are all linked together. The number of joints in the human body is 360, as mentioned by the Messenger of Allah and approved by the doctors. We cannot imagine how the bones in our body could not be linked together. Or one of these joints is not capable of performing its functions well. Therefore, no one knows how great this favor will be if one has lost that favor.

Shadaqah without treasure

Every day, our selves have the obligation to pray as a realization of our gratitude to God, the Creator who created it. However, there are many variations as mentioned by the Messenger of Allah,
"Every human being is obliged to pray every day since the sun rises. Separating (resolving matters) between two disputes is a shadaqah. Helping one to get on his vehicle or lifting his goods on his vehicle is a shadaqah. So every step of the way to perform the prayer is a shadaqah. As well as eliminating an obstacle that comes from the path is a shadaqah. " (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

It is so hard and tiring that we have to perform various acts every day. So the companions asked, "Who can do it, O Messenger of Allah?" So he replied, "If he can't afford it, then two Dhuha races are enough." (HR Ahmad Abu Dawud)

Rasulullah SAW gave additional convenience to his people, that all sadaqah done by members of the body could be replaced with two rak'ahs of the Dhuha prayer, because prayer is the practice of all members of the body. If someone is praying, each member of each body carries out their respective functions. That is the explanation mentioned by Ibn Daqiqil 'Ied.

The number of rak'ahs of Dhuha is at least 2 rakas'ats while the maximum is 8 rak'ats. By carrying out 2 raka'at Dhuha, we have carried out one of the wills of Rasulullah SAW. Abu Hurairah said, "My beloved, Rasulullah SAW willed me with three things: fasting for three days each month, two prayers of the Dhuha prayer, and doing the witir prayer before I could sleep." (Muttafaq '

Priority of prayer dhuha

Although priceless in the sunnah, this prayer has many pharaoh (priority), but not many of us pay attention to it. Among them, as narrated by Abu Darda 'ra, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: "Allah ta'ala says," O son of Adam, pray for me four rak'ahs at the beginning of the day, then I may meet your needs in the evening. "(HR. Tarmidzi)

At Thayyibi explained that together working on the four people in the morning, Allah could meet our needs and avoid us from everything we did not desire until the afternoon. Other teachings, the people who work on it are included in the class of people who return to Allah. Because the Dhuha prayer is the Awwabin prayer, the prayers of those who return to Allah (repent). In another hadith the Prophet Muhammad said that the reward of those who perform the Dhuha prayer is like those who work on the Umrah.

Get rich with the Dhuha prayer?

There is one among the Muslims who are so eager to do the Duha prayer. But ironically when they carry out the obligatory prayers, it is lazy and just just to abort obligations. Fajr prayer is done at six o'clock in the morning and praying asar only if possible. The reason is that there is another object when they do it, which is to achieve a reward in the world, so that their livelihoods will be smooth and become a rich person. So the prayers that he was saying were only with the smooth fortune. Such is the phenomenon that we often get in the community. The world, maybe they get it. May be able to add smoothly to his income and his career is constantly increasing. But what they get doa menghilangkan rasa malas the afterlife? Qatadah when interpreting the letter Hud: 15-16, he said, "Whosoever is the world is the goal, the world that he always sought with his pious deeds, then God can give additional goodness to him in the world. But in the hereafter, he could not achieve goodness as an excuse for him. As for a sincere believer in worship (who only asks for the face of God), not only can he receive a reward in the world he can also get his reply in the hereafter. "

Take time The

time of the Dhuha prayer is when the sun rises a piece, approximately a quarter of an hour after sunrise until the time of zawal (the sun slips). And the most difficult moment is when the sun gets hot.

Indeed, it is not easy to carry out the Dhuha prayer. Because the time coincides with the hours at the start of daily activities, people are busy working to track their fortune at that time. However, no matter how narrow we are due to our daily activities, if we take a moment to do the Dhuha prayer, God willing, can not reduce the division of fortune that has been determined for us. If, after all, taking the time at that time is not very possible anyway, because the company's decision is so strict and binding, we are able to perform the Dhuha prayer before entering work hours. Well, let's begin our work together to carry out the Dhuha prayer.

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