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What is the purpose of roof vents?

Posted by Toronto Roof Repairs on April 22nd, 2020

As the title may suggest, roof vents are part of a roofing system. Most people do not give much thought to roof vents. However, it is essential to know that a roof vent is an important aspect that keeps your home comfortable. A vent also plays a significant role in the design and functions of roofing systems. Let us read more. 

The working behind the roof vents 

It is widespread knowledge that ventilation works to provide fresh air. The vents of the roof connect with attic ventilation. The purpose of attic ventilation is to keep the attic cool in the hot months and dry in the colder days. A steady flow of natural air makes your home more comfortable by letting hot moist or stale air out of the house. Attic ventilation via roof vents helps to achieve this effect. 

Purpose of roof vents 

Roof vents work to reduce the adverse effects of overheated air and moisture from the attic area and roof system. It also decreases the impact of changing temperatures in the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house. This unique system allows ventilation of air through intake vents and exhaust vents that see an installation at marked spaces in the attic or on the roof. 

Types of vents 

Some of the common types of vents include the following: 

1 – Static vents 

They are horizontal openings that are vent-covered holes in the roof to allow movement of air. 

2 – Ridge vents 

They set along the peaks of a roof. This vent provides an outside baffle to enhance the airflow and give protection from snow and rain. 

3 – Gable vents 

Gable vents are kind of complimentary vents that in us with other vents- they are placed in the attic. 

About the solar vents 

Apart from the standard vents, there are solar vents. Solar-powered roof vents work in the same way as electricity-based roof vents. The only difference being they work on solar energy. Solar energy does not add to your electricity bills. 

Points to remember when shopping for solar vents 

Whenever you decide to buy solar vents for your ventilation needs, bear in mind some information. This information may relate to the dimensions of your house. The size of your attic and direct sunlight will determine the size and type of vent. It is a recommendation to get consultations from a company to help you make the right choice. 

To conclude 

Roofing contractors help you with the best services that ensure the longevity of all your roofing material, roof vents and solar vents. Contact an experienced team that has requisite skills and resources to help with your ventilation system and Solar Roof vents

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