The benefits of shopping from Jumia store

Posted by sifo90 on April 22nd, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic is one of the worst diseases the world has ever witnessed in this modern era, according to some statistics, this situation required about a billion people around the world to stay inside their homes.Many people are lucky enough to profit from the new electronic services offered by some companies in order to allow people to adapt to this quarantine.

Corvid-19 has hit all the economies of the world including traditional trade sectors, and the biggest beneficiary of this current condition are the sectors of trade that rely on the internet such as electronic stores, and in this post we are interested in stores that are available in the Arab region, like Jumiawhich is one of the most famous and reliable stores in this region.

Currently, Jumiais providing many offers to encourage Moroccans, Egyptians and Algerians to buy online without leaving the house to avoid infection and respect the quarantine, and there are great discounts which are offered by other platforms working in partnership with this Jumia, such as Al Mowafir platform, which providesclients with the Jumia discount codes, always updated and chosen carefully for you to save more money on every purchase you make.

Why shopping from Jumia store?

Jumia is an online store targeting Arab North African countries: Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, but Egypt is the largest market so far because of the development of online shopping in a very large way in Egypt in recent years.

Jumia also allows anyone to open a seller account in order to sell products to customers, this makes prices very competitive between different sellers,the principle is similar to how Ali Express store works, and obviously buyers are always the biggest beneficiary of this competitiveness.

-         Jumia offers hundreds of thousands of goods and products, and these are the most important features of this huge website:

-         Jumia offers a dynamic website interface that supports the Arabic language and is organized in the form of various sections to facilitate the shopping process.

  • There is a grocery section: you can get all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis without having to go to the market, all the food that you may think of is available on the website.
  • Health and Beauty: We know very well that all women want is to take care of themselves and impress others with their beauty, even if she is in quarantine. Accordingly, women can choose all the products they need and order them online from Jumia store at very competitive prices.
  • Health Care Tools: All the health care tools you need, such as masks, are available at Jumia, along with other supplies used when wounded ... etc.
  • One of the advantages of Jumia store is low delivery rates and different payment methods are available upon delivery.
  • Delivery and after-sales services have improved a lot, so if you don't find that the item is compatible with what the store offers on its page, you can file a complaint, get your money back, or change the producte for fre.

Ramadan offers

Jumia presented a special offer in Ramadan under the slogan "Ramadan Supermarket" all the products of the supermarket come to the door of your house.Jumia presented a special page for shopping during Ramadan, all products, are present in this store, even products such as soft drinks, water, nuts, chips, oil for cooking and all other essential supplies and cleaning materials.

Jumiais offering all this at very low prices compared to their real prices in the market, and you can benefit from Jumia discount coupons, which are of two types:

JumiaMorroco discount coupons

JumiaEgypt discount coupons

You can use the coupon in the same way in both countries. In order to get the coupon, follow the following steps:

Log in to AlMowafirwebsite( ), which is an Arabic platform for discount coupons.

Then type in the search box: Jumiadiscount code

Now choose the code, if you are from Egypt use the Egypt discount code, and if you are from Morocco, use the Morocco discount code

Click on “Get offer” only to apply the discount and this will take you directly to Jumia store.

Al Mowafir platform is also available on Google Play and Apple Store, and we recommend downloading it better to facilitate the shopping process.

• Al Mowafir application: Google Play from here

• Al Mowafir application: Apple Store: from here

Apps are better to use, there may be limited discounts in certain quantities. The application sends you an alert, thus increasing your chance to benefit from these offers before they are over.

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