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Posted by brandymurray on April 23rd, 2020

Hiring a new employee is a huge investment for any organization. The hope is they’ll be with the organization for a long time and continuously deliver great work that positively impacts the business.
Unfortunately, bad hires happen. In the worst of cases the new hires fail to do the job, lower workplace morale, or cause other serious issues for the organization. You’ll have to resolve a difficult situation and go through all the effort of rehiring for the role.
You can lower the chances of making a bad hire by conducting background checks before you make employment offers to candidates. It will reveal any details the person may have hid or been dishonest about during the interview process so your company only invests in honorable people.
iChek’s screening services are designed to provide thorough and accurate information on a candidates background to prove without a doubt that the person you are hiring/renting/marrying is genuine or not. Our comprehensive investigative services negate the possibility of work mismanagement, fraudulent practices, corporate espionage and terrorist threat, by giving you reliable information to help you make the right decisions.
iChek's reputation stems from our commitment to understanding and addressing your organizational requirements with a professional investigative approach, to help you make the right choices in terms of employee selection and recruitment. Our service experience is varied and diverse ranging from corporate firms, government undertakings, banks & financial institutions, BPO and Software industries.
In most scenarios, a background check covers the following areas:
• Education Check confirms the type of degree, honors received and date of completion directly with the school/college/university/institute. Ichek maintains a database of legitimate educational institutions as well as known diploma mills to immediately identify them during the education verification process. It is important for hiring managers to get the Education check done in order to understand the genuineness of the documents submitted by the candidate.

Employment Check verifying previous employment is important because people stretch the truth. Competition for jobs can be fierce and the desire to get ahead is a powerful motivator. Previous employment verification can sometimes uncover small fabrications like an applicant who pushes their previous salary up in hopes of getting a better offer. It can also uncover complete lies by a swindler who claims work experience they never had.

Criminal Record Check Any time you hire a new employee, you take a risk that the individual may not be qualified for the job — or, even worse, may prove detrimental to your organization. The best insurance for making advantageous hires is conducting comprehensive criminal background checks. By thoroughly researching an applicant’s past for any criminal record, you avoid hiring individuals with convictions for financial malfeasance such as fraud, theft and embezzlement. You also reduce the chances of hiring someone with a history of behaving in a threatening or violent manner.

Address Check procedure for a prospective candidate is an important sub-set of the various verification steps, carried out as a part of screening services by iChek. This ensures that the person has given out his/ her current as well as permanent residential address correctly, completely and honestly. Residential addresses confirmations help vastly, during criminal record searches and establishing credit reports. Relaying authentic information pertaining to address/s is a must, as someone who cannot or does not reveal this sort of basic information about himself or herself correctly/ honestly should not, obviously, be trusted.


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