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What is RTGS?

Posted by KushiBL on April 24th, 2020

RTGSstands for Real Time Gross Settlement. It is a fund transfer mechanism that allows for real time processing and settlement of requests or funds done individually on an order-by-order basis without netting. In simple words, RTGS is an internet banking method that is used to transfer huge amount of money from one bank to another without any waiting period. Settlement in “real time” means a transaction is not subjected to any waiting period and transactions being settled as soon as they are processed. “Gross settlement” means the transaction that is initiated is settled on a one-to-one basis without netting with any other transaction. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeps a track of all transactions and thus all the transfers are irrevocable. So far, RTGS is the fastest and most secure means of funds in India. 

RTGS transactions require the beneficiary bank to credit the recipient’s account within 30 minutes of receiving the funds transfer message.

When money is transferred using RTGS, one needs the following information:

•   The amount that needs to be transferred.

•   Name of Beneficiary/payee.

•   Name of the bank of the Beneficiary/payee.

•   IFSC code of the Beneficiary/payee.

•   Account number of the Beneficiary/payee.

The minimum amount that needs to be transferred for RTGS is 2 Lakhs. The service charge is ₹30 per a transaction and for an amount above Rs. 5 lakhs it is ₹55 per a transaction.

RTGS Systems increasingly used by central banks worldwide, can help in minimizing the risk to high value payments settlements among financial institutions. Both NEFT and RTGS payment methods make the life of customers easier.

You can use NEFT for smaller transactions whereas RTGS is used for higher transactions and operates on instruction basis. Both the services have different charges as well. As per RBI individuals can request for RTGS on weekdays from 9AM until 4.30PM.  

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How can I get a personal loan? What are my personal loan requirements? How can I check my eligibility for a personal loan? The questions are unending. But the answers are often scattered across – hidden in loan pamphlets, conveyed hurriedly by loan agents or inscrutably described by the bank or financial websites. Here’s some easy information on this topic.

Determine your personal loan amount

• Take stock of your requirements. Always borrow more for incumbencies and not for unnecessary spending.

• Personal loans are pricier financial products than home loans, so borrow with caution.

• Analyze your take-home salary or yearly income vis-à-vis EMI of the personal loan.

How much personal loan can I get for my income?

The rules are simple:

• Higher the income, higher is the personal loan eligibility

• Check your credit score. Some banks want credit scores in excess of 700; some can do with a little less.

• Non-Banking financial institutions usually cap personal loans at Rs. 15 lakhs. In other cases, individuals can get a personal loan that is 30 times their net take-home salary per month or net income per month.

• EMIs of loans is either from the monthly salary or income of the borrower.

• Check for pre-approved offers. Call up the financial institution customer care to check.

• Approach the bank

Types of personal loans

Common personal loans need no collateral. Personal loan interest rates are therefore higher. However, to obtain them, you may need a good credit score. Interest rates can be as low as 10% to a higher slab of25% depending on the bank and type of personal loan product.


1.Needs no collateral.

2.Disbursed faster. Generally, in a week.

3.May be based on a good credit score


1.Require collateral as security. It could be in the form of property papers, car title ownership papers etc.

2.Some banks offer secured personal loans online where the borrower can borrow money against their car, home, property etc.

3.Interest rates are nominal.


1.EMIs of fixed-rate personal loans do not vary.

2.The advantage is that if interest rates of loans become higher, the rates of fixed-rate personal loans remain the same.


1.EMIs of variable-rate personal loans vary.

2.The advantage is that if interest rates of loans become lower, the rates of variable-rate personal loans also lower.

Debt combining personal loans

1.Multiple debts, in the form of other loans, home loans, car loans or credit card payments can be consolidated into a single personal loan.

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