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Having your family doctor ensures the health of your family

Posted by hhcphysicianspfm on April 25th, 2020

It may seem very difficult for an individual to understand the importance of a family physician, especially if the individual is fit and healthy. And it is challenging to understand the same even when the other member of the family rarely fall sick or have any family history of any significant illness. Hence, most people consider that the role a family physician plays in a family is to manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart conditions, arthritis, diabetes, amongst many others. But, it is essential to remember that the role the family physician plays is a little more than just doing your yearly checkups and managing the chronic health conditions in the family.

The emergency rooms and the walk-in clinic lack the continuity of care, which a family doctor provides. The need to rush to an emergency ward is understandable when there is a significant emergency. Still, the healthcare of a family physician that the family receives throughout the year is not comparable to anything. Moreover, the family doctor is well versed in the physiology of your body along with your family members. Hence, the doctor is most likely to notice what is not normal for you and your family.

Dr. Andrew Wang of Perry Family Medicine Associates not only treats the condition of the patient, but the patient has a whole. The mission of every other healthcare provider under the doctor is the same, that is, to provide compassionate care to the patients. And ensure that they return to their optimum health, once again. Dr. Andrew Wang visualizes the overall health of a person as the harmonious functioning of the mind, body, and soul. And, being a doctor of Osteopathy, he opens the door to a new way of treating every patient with the utmost compassion and knowing the patient even better by listening to the patient.

Save your precious time during emergencies

Moreover, when you have one of the best Family Doctors near Perry GA treating your family, you do not have to state every single detail of your medical history over and over again, upon every visitation. Going for a regular checkup at the same walk-in clinic may also mean stating your family history over and over again, as there might be a new doctor, who may not be familiar with your case.

A family doctor treats you as a whole individual and does not see you as a symptom of the underlying disease. Hence, building a strong relationship with your family physician allows the doctor to understand you and study your lifestyle carefully, on a personal level. Any physician at the emergency or the walk-in clinic will not have the advantage of knowing you on a personal level and be at the disadvantage of advising accordingly.

The family doctor of your family plays an essential role in the mental, physical, and emotional well being of the family while being the primary tool of preventative medicine. Preventative care is essential as it helps in preventing the disease or condition before its onset.

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