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How Covid-19 would Affect the Education Sector in Coming Future?

Posted by NiaSingh on April 25th, 2020

In the outbreak of Covid-19 almost all the country in the world has requested all the schools, colleges and institutions to shut down until the next notice.
With the rapid increase in the Covid-19 cases, the education sector is skeptical to take a big step. In India, Covid-19 caused a major destruction not only to the examination process but also the admission process of junior and sub junior classes primarily. Even board classes got disturbed with this pandemic. We currently are clueless about how our education industry will take a shape once it all gets over.

Though top schools are providing online admission services and help to all the interested parents. Since, all the schools and universities are working remotely there are certain chances of committing errors. Also, we are a nation of chalk and pen suddenly switching the other digital mode can be quite difficult.
Our education systems have come under immense challenges and opportunities at this point of time.

Most of the challenges are faced by the playschools. Since, nobody was aware about this pandemic even the best playschools in Faridabaddidn’t do their enough homework. This increased time gap will surely adverse the learning skills of young minds.

We will be reaching young kids through their parents or mentors. We have to initiate the teachings of safe and healthy learning. With limited resources and restricted laws it is indeed a difficult task to generate an efficient management system that ensures the smooth functioning of  digital teachings and learning throughout. We majorly lack in some of the areas when it comes to digital or e-learning. Dynasty International is one of the top 10 Schools in Faridabad.

We are inherently a poor country that implies all of us cannot have access to smartphones, i-pads, computers or laptops. Infact many of us don’t have the enough resources to even buy the basic pen, paper and pencil. Some of us are even not equipped for a two time meal of the day. This is the one of the primary reasons why the government initiated midday meal programmes for all the classes in all the government schools.

Without proper nutrients and access to books or notebooks we can’t expect the overall growth of the educational system. We are somehow not even thinking about the rural girl child education.
Most of the CBSE schools in Faridabadhave a clear divide between the percentage of respective genders receiving education.

According to a report by UNICEF this pandemic will only increase the gender divide. This is so because girls will now be denied access to education. This will further result in early childhood marriages and early pregnancy. All these scenarios will also increase the girl child abortions. The stats provided by UNICEF are quite shakening. We as a developing nation have to stand up for this cause with our full force.
Indian education sector has been surviving with quality education problems for so many years. This outbreak made it more worse. Near about 258 million children throughout the globe were out of school even before this pandemic hit the globe. The conflict of so many issues like monetary, governance, emergency alerts or in many cases adverse the quality of education children are getting in rural or rural-urban areas.

It is even stated that this locked down has increased domestic violence by a significant percentage. Where mostly girls or wives are abused. They are afraid to even bring themselves up because of the social stagmia. 

The outbreak caused due to Covid-19 cannot be calculated exactly. This is so because it has affected so many levels. Economists are saying that this lockdown can even result in the downfall of the economy. The recession can be as bad as the 2008 recession. The inflation and unemployment will go high. This will again result in deprived education and nutrients to girl children. 

This will decrease the number of jobs or employment in both the private and government sector. Therefore the unemployment rate will increase with a significant percentage.

To be at a safe side we need to equip ourselves and our children with good quality information. We need to be aware about the economy and plan for the future. At the same time we need to be hopeful and optimistic about our position in the economy.  

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