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Path of Exile 2: Musical inspiration

Posted by LiCongFei on April 25th, 2020

The highly talented composer Kamil Orman Janowski created a new video for the Path of Exile 2. While writing, he said: "He wanted to maintain the same dark and tenacious feeling but raise it to a new height." In the video, we can learn that he not only mixed folk elements, but also ethnic and tribal elements and experimental elements, thus creating this new voice. In addition, this experimental sound and industrial sound were inspired by Trent Reznor's film creation.

The new areas of POE Trade music in Path of Exile 2 are also great, such as crypts and hunting grounds. When creating, he puts artwork and games on one screen for inspiration, and then creates on another screen. This kind of creation is very difficult. As the author Janowski wrote, he used symphonic sounds to use more synthesizers and tonal changes that created an atmosphere for each environment to talk to the player.

I love the music of Path of Exile 2 very much. I think it ’s very important to compose more and better game soundtracks for the game only when the composers who wrote the music of Path of Exile 2 face to face Therefore, I also look forward to their new tracks.

Path of Exile 2 brings seven new characters to the new storyline and creates new gameplay. Although the basic game and the final game are shared, there are many changes in visual effects, classes, systems, etc. This is a major update to Buy POE Items the game, constantly throwing free content to players, and it is indeed a free game, with a wealth of knowledge, in-depth player customization features, and almost all interesting fun included in this "n" cracking system Risk / reward mechanism slash predator.

Finally, Path of Exile 2 not only brings new gameplay, but also a game soundtrack that players love, allowing players to better experience the game and gain more nutrients from the game. I hope that more people will join the big family of Path of Exile 2 and let us experience the charm of the game together!

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