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How Surrogacy has Helped Numerous Couples in Realizing their Parenthood Dreams?

Posted by ivfconceptions on April 27th, 2020

Over the past few years, surrogacy has helped numerous couples across the globe which were earlier been struggling with their random infertility issues, Well, it's not just about the common people but some high-end celebrities too, that have got benefitted with the boon of surrogacy in Mexico recent times.

What is Surrogacy?

While a lot of people think that surrogacy is nothing but a costly way to get a child in their life, the reality is otherwise. There are various countries and states that are providing some affordable and yet ethical surrogacy plans to help thousands of couples across the globe in realizing their parenthood dreams. Speaking of its definition, Surrogacy is an arrangement where a surrogate mother in Kenya helps the couple while carrying their child in her womb for free or in return for some monetary compensation or benefits.

Talking of benefits, the same would include the overall cost of medicines and accommodation with some added compensation for the surrogate mothers.

Types of Surrogacy

Majorly, there are two types of surrogacy arrangements that are highly popular-Traditional surrogacy and Gestational surrogacy. In traditional Surrogacy, the surrogate mother in Delhi does have a biological connection with the future child while being inseminated with the sperm of the intended father.

On the other side, Gestational surrogacy uses the IVF technique to inseminate the surrogate mother and hence, she doesn’t come with any biological connection with the future child. This was the reason why gestational surrogacy gained some big popularity within the past few years.

Advantages of Getting a Surrogacy Arrangement

1. While pursuing a surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents facilitate themselves with the option of having their own Biological child even while they cannot conceive due to their respective infertility issues. This is where numerous couples opted for surrogacy as a perfect way to have their own child with their own DNA.

2. Surrogacy has appeared through as the best option for all those couples that are looking to have their own child via same-sex parenting and they no longer required to adopt a child for the same reason. Moreover, they can have a biological connection with the child that was earlier not been possible with adoption.

3. Although Surrogacy is yet to be legalized in various countries and states, numerous couples can now look forward to all the customized surrogacy plans and programs offered by various agencies that cover everything from a surrogate search, screening, and all the related aspects.

4. There are numerous women around that don’t really want to conceive due to unbearable pain during pregnancy and also their career aspirations down the line. All such women can now look up to Surrogacy as the best possible solution for these issues.

Even though surrogacy comes with a cost, the attached benefits are simply priceless. Still, you always need to ensure staying associated with the right surrogacy agency that can help you in the best manner to realize your parenthood dreams.

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