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Facilitating the laundry routine for those who do not have a dryer (and still sa

Posted by JSTEWART751 on April 27th, 2020

These days I answered the e-mail from a reader who asked me several questions about the laundry routine. I already commented here on the blog about how our routine is, but it has changed a little over time (especially now in São Paulo, with the lack of water). I wrote so many things in the email that I thought it would be worth bringing the subject to the blog.

First of all, she asked me how to manage the laundry routine for her, who works and studies all week. What I did was wash my clothes on Saturdays. Throughout the week, I only washed underwear by hand, as I prefer. If you save on clothes and wash weekly, you can wash only one load.

Then she asked me how to separate the clothes. When we have to wash everything at once, there's no way to distinguish it. Today we separate into white (including bedding), black (including dark ones, like jeans, gray, navy) and colorful (including towels). Once a week each of these charges is sufficient. Many times, the colored ones accumulate and I wash every two weeks, because there are few pieces and I prefer to wait to fill the machine. In the case of washing only once a week, it is worth this week to wash the white ones, next week to wash the dark ones and, the next week, the colored ones. "Ah, but it's a long time without washing". In this super-specific case of only washing clothes once a week, it is worth an investment in more pieces to not be on hand while one is to be washed.

And it is worth assessing whether the laundry is really dirty to wash. What I wash after using are t-shirts, puppy's uniforms, socks, and underwear. The rest, you can use it more than once and manage it piece by piece. Everything to save water.

She also asked me about the ironing routine and what I said is that the most unlikely thing is for you to see me at home ironing. I think it's a huge waste of time, so what I did was start buying clothes that I didn't love. Of course, I have pants and shirts that need ironing, but I try not to wear that much. If I have a week with a lot of professional commitments, where I'm going to wear shirts, I pass them all at once. In general, every two weeks (or four!) I iron my specific clothes. I don't waste time on that. I know that sheets are wonderful when we pass, but I have no way to spend my time daily to do this.

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Just a few considerations about the laundry routine and how to optimize the process.

Questions and answers about the laundry routine

Washing clothes is part of the routine and should be an organized activity, especially in large families. Regardless of the number of people in your home, it is nice to have a system, so this post brings some answers to the most common questions to help you do that.



I wash when there are enough clothes of the same type to fill the machine. In general, it is a frequency every two days. Nor can it be less than that because they take time to dry on the clothesline. In summer, you can wash more often, as clothes dry faster. Who has a washer and dryer can wash every day if you have a large family.


Yes. My husband puts the laundry in and my son keeps the dirty clothes in the basket in the bathroom for that purpose. My husband also usually hangs up his clothes and goes with me when necessary. I take the part of removing stains and keeping them after they dry.


Minimally. I already came up with a schedule, which was something like this:

White clothes

Colorful clothes

Dark clothes

Delicate clothes



However, we don't generate that much demand. In general, we wash our clothes together, according to the color. The puppy's uniforms are washed together with my shirts, for example, without any problems. I already know if I have clothes that stain or not, and if they don't, I wash the colored ones together with the dark ones.

As I like to change towels twice a week and bed linen at least once, once a week is enough to wash this type of garment. With that, we wash 2 to 3 loads of clothes weekly.


As I mentioned above, only the lightest of the darkest, when there is a need.


Yes. Our machine is small (7kg) and you can't wash everything inside, like queen-size comforters. So, every six months, I take a load of clothes to the laundry.

Some items of clothing I also prefer to wash in the laundry room so as not to spoil, like blazers and trench-coats.


I like to vary the brands to go testing. I don't like washing powder - I prefer liquid. Softener, I change every month to have different aromas. I use bleach only when necessary and, for stains, in addition to homemade tricks, I really like Vanish.


I try to buy clothes that don't have to be ironed. I have some pants, shirts, and dresses that need to be ironed, but they are rare. When I need it, I gather all the pieces I need to iron and pass. I don't have a fixed routine for this, but it happens about once a month at most. I don't waste time ironing clothes that don't have that need, like towels. It may look beautiful, but I live in the real world, not in the ideal.


Once a month, I clean with hot water and vinegar, which removes all mineral residues from inside the machine. The soap, bleach, and fabric softener compartments are also cleaned that way - I pour hot water with vinegar and then finish with a cleaning cloth. Clean the same way on the outside. I don't use a cover on the machine because I don't think it's practical.

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The focus is on having clean clothes for all occasions in the coming days (I always calculate two weeks). Since my son needs a clean school uniform, this is a priority. Before, when I worked out every day, I had a greater demand for different clothes to go out. Today, I manage to use more clothes from my closet, varying the pieces, and washing them just enough once a week.

Therefore, my advice for you to simplify your laundry routine is to identify the needs of your home. If you live alone, you will have a different need than those who have seven children and still live with elderly in-laws. There are no rules - just observing your own needs and adapting the routine.

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Anyone who can have a washer and dryer machine, I recommend, for practicality.

Also, have a basket to put dirty clothes. It is a basic tip, but it helps to keep everything centralized in one place and allows the participation of children in this process.

Do you have any more questions about the laundry routine? Post in the comments!



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