How ONPASSIVE AI can help your business grow quickly

Posted by ONPASSIVE on April 27th, 2020

Welcome to the ONPASSIVE review.

In this ONPASSIVE review, we are going to take a close look at ONPASSIVE Company and how employing ONPASSIVE AI tools will support the growth of any business.

Before we get started with our ONPASSIVE review, let us first have a quick recap on advanced modern-day technology known as Artificial Intelligence. 

How much knowledge do you have about Artificial Intelligence? Have you ever tried to use AI for your monotonous business day to day time-consuming processes or if you are already using it to provide support to your business processes? Considering the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has earned a considerable amount of popularity in every industry, be it transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and others. Many business owners have begun to use AI-based applications to improve their productivity and performance.


In this section of the ONPASSIVE review, we will look at what is ONPASSIVE and what it does?

ONPASSIVE is an unconventional information technology company that focuses on developing AI-based tools integrated with Business Intelligence.

These AI-powered tools help any business to grow like never witnessed before. These tools can help any business person to transform their offline business to online business or any person who wants to start a new business.

In our ONPASSIVE review, we are not just considering the business opportunity rather than that in this particular ONPASSIVE review; we will look at the AI-powered tools of ONPASSIVE as these tools are the main product of the company.

As nowadays, technology is also described as an asset to the company when adequately applied business can witness an upsurge in the automated business processes and business consultation.

ONPASSIVE review from around the globe proves that ONPASSIVE AI solutions can exceptionally enhance productivity, so there is probably no need to convince you of its unrestricted ability.

So in this section of the ONPASSIVE review, we will look at how you can harness ONPASSIVE AI tools to grow your business quickly in a flash.

1. ONPASSIVE AI-based Analytics: With the modern advancements in networking and storage technology, it has begun about a revolution in the epoch of big data. The accumulation of data shifts useless without analysis. Due to its vast size, it becomes unlikely to analyze the data without utilizing human IQ. The information technology and security are the domains which use machine learning and deep learning algorithms to understand the machine.

 ONPASSIVE AI-powered platform offers cyber-security tools and applications that block despite detecting the bugs by performing advanced monotonous threats. These tools and machine learning resolutions used by businesses to manage databases they have accumulated, for instance, customer data, comparative databases, sales transactions, and many others.

2. Customer Service: All companies know just how vital their customer service is, and how much it can affect their company. However, things can reverse quickly, either. The customers don't like talking up till they reach the specialist they require after waiting for a long time on line, squeezing phone keys, and getting transferred again and again.

ONPASSIVE chatbot is the solution to such problems, and this chatbot is capable of reading and analyzing customer data from the first point of contact and present smart insights on how to assist customers efficiently. ONPASSIVE chatbot enables you to blend your customer support with your dashboard and empower you always to be available for your customers as they can work 24/7, handling multiple cases simultaneously.

3. Business Management: starting from scheduling discussions and team meetings to business journeys and assisting decision-makers, ONPASSIVE AI can help you a lot with your business management operations. 

ONPASSIVE leverages Artificial Intelligence, along with some other solutions for auspicious analysis and data-based insights on different aspects of your business. It provides better guidance for the production of new products by following customers' behaviour and trends.

4. Accounting & Finance: The industry experts say that more than 80 percent of accounting and finance work can be taken care of by automating such monotonous jobs that can be performed easily and quickly with the help of AI.

ONPASSIVE made some innovation by utilizing audit processes to develop an AI-powered tool that can be employed by the business owners for their audit and non-audit, and that can use predictive analytics abilities to provide precise results. This ONPASSIVE AI-enabled tool also allows a business owner to interrogate, evaluate, and challenge the prophecies to stimulate the valuation of assets on their balance sheets.

5. Human Resource: HR representatives know how tiresome and complicated the process of recruiting an individual is, for instance, the interview process and onboarding process. It is no miracle how the human resource field is thrilled by the thought of utilizing artificial intelligence to their department's day to day work. Spotting the ideal candidate for a job opening is a time-consuming process.

Hence there is an ONPASSIVE AI-based tool that can do the segmentation of best matching profiles, interviewing the candidates and also evaluating their performance.

6. Sales & Marketing: A few years backno one could have thought about leveraging artificial intelligence to transform the business marketing and sales department. However, both of them have been running over advanced technology at lightning speeds. 

ONPASSIVE AI-based tools are capable of handling all of your day to day monotonous tasks. They are also capable of customizing marketing and sales data for customers as ONPASSIVE chatbots can move ahead by acknowledging customer service requests to enhance customer experience and recommend some products for upselling. Machine learning can also be employed to help with the dynamic price-optimization for multiple markets.


The Verdict:

In this section of the ONPASSIVE review, we would say a big "YES” to ONPASSIVE because the AI-powered tools that are being developed in-house by ONPASSIVE have business intelligence integrated into them. 

These tools are the way one can grow their business as these tools assist the idea of a business person into reality and help the business in every aspect of their lifecycle.

In our ONPASSIVE review, we found out how these ONPASSIVE AI tools are helping any and every business to grow quickly and also help the established business to witness the growth that they have never seen before.


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