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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

?A successful attempt at scoring?

Let?s break that definition of Goals down a little. When you attempt a goal, does that mean you hit the mark you were shooting for? Or does it mean you tried? And if you tried [attempted] and did not hit the goal you intended does that mean the attempt had no value? When a baby attempts to take the 1st step and falls, have they moved a little closer to walking? Of course he or she has! Success is at every ?attempt?

Love Goals or hate them, most successful people set Goals. Can you succeed without them? Some have. What about you? Do you need a goal?

Maybe what we should do first is find out why goals are scary to many. For one thing, what if we set one and don?t achieve it. Are you now a failure? Hey, what is failure anyway?

Failing is actually hard to ?make happen?.

When we get right down to it, failure is darn hard to make happen. I was a salesman for some time and it took about 10 calls until I made a sale. Each sale I made $1,000 dollars.

Here?s the question.

Did I fail 9 times and succeed once? So would say yes. You know what I did? I said to myself, it takes 10 calls to make every sale. So each call I go on I get paid $100.00 per visit. Payday just happens to come after the 10th call. How do you think I started looking at those ?visits? I needed to make? You got it; they were simply visits, not failures. In fact, I got pretty excited about each one, I knew that each ?visit? I did helped me get one step closer to payday. Now it became fun. What happened to stress? Gone. What happened to depression? Gone. What happened to my attitude? It shot thru the roof and stays there today.

Do you see what is happening here?

Do you see where the problem really is? Yepper. It?s all in our head. It?s how you look at the situation.

You can change your success rate today! Did you ever hear the saying; your attitude affects your altitude? Well, the problem is it?s true.

Let?s get back to setting goals.

We don?t set goals because we don?t like to fail. But you just learned that it?s nearly impossible to fail. It?s just the way we look at it that causes the problem. In fact the only true way to fail is to quit.

Remember what I did to turn my ?failures? into part of my success on the 10 sales calls I made to get a sale? Well, you can do the same thing with whatever you want to accomplish.

Has this made setting goals easier for you?

Like anything, it takes practice but now you know another way to set goals and be the leader that you?ve been waiting for!

It?s now time to set yourself up to win at everything you do.

You have the only tool you really need to set your goals and win every time. It?s the tool of DECISION. Deciding how you?re going to think about yourself and your business.

You are a winner every time. At everything you do. You never fail. Every step and action you do is part of your ultimate payday.

Your next Goal.

You decide what it is and what is needed to reach payday. All the ingredients all necessary. The rain and the sun. You love the them both. Dance in the rain and bathe in the sun. It?s all just a part of your Success Plan!

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