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What To Look For in a Business Phone System

Posted by alinevoice on April 27th, 2020

Among the various facets that play an important role in a business, the phone system is one of the most important. Even though many businesses operate via email, text messages, and social media, nothing provides the immediate, personal connection that is found with a phone system. For this reason, a phone system is critical. There are a few factors that businesses need to consider in order to ensure they end up with a phone system that is right for them.

A Phone System that can Scale

Businesses are going to grow as their revenue, customer base, and employees increase. As a result, the phone system needs to be able to grow with the company. After all, more lines are going to be needed to handle incoming calls and more staff members are going to be needed to man the lines. In some cases, the phone system might not be designed to handle this growth. Some systems, such as Aline, have been designed to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and Voice over IP (VoIP) to help businesses scale with ease. When selecting a phone system, growth plans need to be taken into account.

A Business Phone System with Additional Features

There are numerous other features that need to be considered with the selection of any phone system. For example, some businesses are going to need additional help with call queues that can keep customers on the line as other calls are wrapped up. Some companies may need their phone calls to be recorded, which is another feature to consider. Furthermore, others may need their calls routed to additional locations in certain situations. Businesses need to consider the needs of their customers and come up with a system that is going to work well for them. Voicemail jail is not always best for small businesses.

The Maintenance of the Phone System

One of the most overlooked factors that businesses need to think about is the maintenance that comes along with a phone system. In some cases, the provider will also double as the IT department, keeping the phone system running as an additional system. Do not fall for the trap of the cheap refurbished phone system. The maintenance of these systems can be excessive, and repairs might arise anyways. In many cases, the low maintenance costs and reliability of VoIP systems are attractive.

The Ability to Handle Conference Calls

During these challenging times, the importance of conference calls has been thrust into the spotlight. With many people working from home and businesses hiring employees all over the world, multiple phones are often plugged into the same call. Not every phone system is able to handle conference calls. Businesses need to take this factor into consideration ahead of time. Therefore, plan ahead and ask about conference calls before making a decision. They could make or break the usefulness of a phone system.

Rely on Aline for Business Phones

Remember that reliable connections will lead to a stronger business reputation. No matter where your employees might be located, make sure they remain connected and plugged in with Aline. Using our cloud-based, VoIP phone system, your business will be more efficient and easier to manage. Call us today to learn more!

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