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Gym gurus on Instagram, part V: Carlos Demattey

Posted by Alec123 on April 27th, 2020

  • "Strength is a thing that is demonstrated only in the gym or in competition, on the beach it does not serve to raise anyone's ego"
  •  "You can't want to be strong like a rhino and eat like a little bird" 

Around 250 million people use Instagram daily. The quintessential social network of influencers is experiencing its best moment with the rise of Instagram Stories, but if before models, fashion bloggers and celebrities monopolized the platform, now they give way to athletes, fitness lovers, bodybuilding or powerlifting, to create trend. 

Carlos Demattey

Carlos Demattey is one of the most famous powerlifters in Spain. 2 Arnold Classic in the powerlifting category, 14 Spanish PowerLifting championships, and a National League of strength endorse the work of this Catalan who, after conquering YouTube, has jumped to the taking of Instagram.

Better known as Tarrako, the passionate about strength sports confesses to us that "he was very reticent, especially due to the topic of Instagram stories." "I think there is a lot of interest in 'snooping' in the lives of others and Instagram is a window to that (...) but really if you want to grow, people ask you to," he explains to

Now, however, he moves around Instagram like a fish in the water. He publishes daily his routines, the achievements of his clients and, ultimately, the lifestyle of an "old school strongman and Powerlifter" , as he himself defines himself, at Strongman Tarrako, his sports club. "It is a social network that works very well, in which I capture many clients and in which I am very comfortable," he admits.

Powerlifting, one of its fetish disciplines, "is more unknown because people look for more, in general, the aesthetic," says critic Tarrako. "Strength is a thing that is demonstrated only in the gym or in competition, on the beach it does not serve to raise anyone's ego, therefore I think we are still behind, because there are still more people looking for a weight-shaped abs heavy dead ”, sentenced the athlete.

His routine does not hide any miraculous trick, but is based on three basic pillars on which he insists almost daily: "eat, train and rest." A perfect trinomial, a tandem of three places, an unbreakable trio that has led him to excel in his many years of sports career. 

Diet is, without a doubt, an element to keep in mind; however, the diet required by a strength athlete is far from that of other athletes. "You can't want to be strong like a rhino and eat like a little bird," says Tarrako in one of his YouTube videos. "If you eat well, the more you eat, the stronger you will be," he advises.

Carlos Demattey defends on Instagram, as in his life, the philosophy of effort, where discipline and sacrifice take on a special role. For this reason, he does not hesitate to send a message to those who distrust his results, who even go so far as to point out that he is 'doping': “Those people only look at the present, nobody cares to see that 7 or 10 years ago he was lifting 300 kilos and that now I raise 360, and that of banking 8 years ago I raised 197 and now 230. It is not a super evolution, it is the evolution of a guy who has not given up (...) They criticize because they have seen a present, but not the daily work that is behind years and years ” .

“If I was doping in competitions to make these marks, I would post videos on Instagram and on my channel doing daily surveys, all year round, if I always maintain my level, how do I do it? Am I the only guy in the world who has 15 livers ?; If my marks are supposedly doping, why do I keep lifting the same thing all year, year after year? he asks himself jokingly. The truth is that they are comments that are not taken seriously, although he confesses that he feels praised, since "when they accuse you of 'dopao', you are on the right track."

Carlos Demattey confesses "his secret" and he says goodbye with one last tip: "Eating, training, resting, and starting again, it is about perseverance, dedication, not missing training, not skipping meals, not skipping hours of sleep, and all that added up over a year is a lot. It is the difference that marks the one who arrives and does not arrive. The advice is maximum will and the results will come ”.

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