Why is Buying Teak Furniture a Superb Investment?

Posted by touchupteak on April 27th, 2020

Is your expensive patio teak furniture and bar stools made by truly skilled craftsmen losing colour and glamour ? Are you aware of the best technique to clean teak wood furniture ? To avoid making a rash decision and ending up with polishing idea  that will peel off in three weeks, it’s better to hire a professional team for teak furniture cleaning services.

What makes teak wood special?

Wood from the teak tree is dense and heavy with a unique content of natural oil and rubber which originate from the central section of the trunk. These two contents make it weather-resistant and termite-proof.

Teak has been used for many purposes and can now be found around the globe. Its water-proof quality makes it an ideal material for boats and yachts. Over the centuries a lot of furniture has been constructed using this durable wood. In North America it is very popularly used for outdoor/ patio furniture. People now understand the benefits of teak and often rescue it from being spoilt or destroyed when old structures are demolished.

Making a solid investment

Like an old Persian carpet, teak needs regular attention to keep looking good. Many Americans spend thousands of dollar on buying teak furniture and then spend  hundreds on teak furniture cleaning services. It’s a wise investment and pays great long term dividends because it is very difficult to spoil and easy to restore. Like gold, the price of real teak furniture is not going to dip because of its popularity across geographies.

Leave it to the professionals

In most metropolitans, there are multiple options for teak restoration services which claim to do wonders for your greying patio furniture made from deciduous hardwood. This greying is very often the case for outdoor furniture exposed to a considerable amount of sunlight and rain. With a little luck and some patience, your teak furniture can be cleaned and sealed to look better than before.

If you notice something out of the ordinary about your teak furniture like greying, cracking, mildew or something similar, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help. In this case, a teak restoration service would be the correct number to dial and fix an appointment. Professionals from this service will clean the wooden surfaces with their unique mix of detergent, then use stain remover for any food or wine stains and finally sand paper to remove other marks or stains like from mold. This is the first phase. In the second phase, a sealant is applied to the dry wood multiple times. This will allow the original color of your teak to shine through and stay that way for a long period of time.

Many people have been fooled by novices pretending to be experts and making a complete mess of cleaning your favourite furniture. If someone from a teak furniture cleaning service suggests a coat of paint for your furniture or something else to bring it back to its old splendour, think very carefully and ask for real customer testimonials. The oil from teak does not allow varnish or paint to adhere to its surface. Only an expert knows how to do this in a proper way.

A small risk to take for good ROI

Often people wait for months to buy second-hand teak furniture from a garage sale knowing that nothing can really go wrong with genuine teak wood. The teak furniture needs restoration service until it regains its beautiful natural colour and gleaming finish to make it look new again.


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