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Product Features of 3r European Raymond Mill

Posted by yoyocrusher on April 28th, 2020

1. Not much investment: small size, light weight, small footprint, three-dimensional structure design, reducing investment costs by at least 20,000 yuan; 2. Simple operation: The design of the automatic control system realizes the integrated operation of the computer, without the need for workshop personnel, which can be controlled remotely, and the operation is more convenient; 3. Good quality: The main components such as grinding rollers and grinding rings are well-designed, and the material selection is good, maintaining the stable and reliable quality, and extending the life of the whole machine by about 2-5 years; 4. High efficiency: The internal design of the grinding chamber is scientific and reasonable, which can improve the grinding efficiency by more than 40%, and the output of higher shifts can reach 176t; 5. Good effect: the powder has uniform texture, high purity, sieving rate of 99.99%, and equipment safety of 100%, creating a good production environment; 6, more environmentally friendly: the production and operation of the equipment will not be polluted by dust, noise, etc., and fully meet the green production standards. 3r European Raymond Mill Price Advantage The price of the Vertical Cement Mill Of Loche is also quite advantageous. The price of the equipment provided by the supplier will be about 1-3 million yuan cheaper than the market price. The reason is that the supplier integrates R \u0026 D, production, and sales, with no additional circulation costs, and no middlemen will earn the difference; at the same time, the supplier is strong, technically sophisticated, and mass-produced, reducing costs and saving manufacturing costs; in addition Suppliers' own profits are small and the equipment market is more affordable. For specific price information, please click 'Quote Consulting' on the right.

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