How to get high grades in Business Law assignments?

Posted by Allen Lisa on April 28th, 2020

Business law is certainly one of the most complex subjects but also very important. It consists of various sections that help business organisations to perform their operations and manage their transactions. One such law is the business law guarantees which involves a contract of guarantee. It refers to a contract that makes the promise or discharges the liability of the third person to the guarantor in case the person is not able to pay the liabilities. This is not only applicable in business transactions but also for any other person who takes loan from an individual or a financial institution. There are different types of guarantees searches guarantee of payment, guarantee of advance payment return, tender guarantees, guarantees of credit return, warrant execution, etc and in all cases, there involves a creditor, a principal debtor and guarantor.

Liabilities of a guarantor in guarantees

In the guarantee contract, the guarantor is at a liability because in case if the data is not able to repay the amount to the creditor, it will be the guarantor who will have to bear the expenses and pay the amount. In many cases, guarantors willingly sign the contract of guarantee without realising the possible impact it can have in future. And hence, it is necessary for the person to carefully read the terms and conditions regarding the contract of guarantee before signing it. Some of the liabilities of guarantor are that the guarantor will be held responsible for any kind of liabilities the borrower face according to the terms and conditions of the contract. Similarly, the guarantor will also be rendered liable under the contract in case the power is default of payment to any financial institution, which can make demands to the guarantor.

Even though the guarantor is at the most liability in case of non-payment of the debt by the borrower, there are some rights the guarantor have against the creditor in the contract which are as below:

  • Right of subrogation: According to this right, the guarantor can recover the amount from the debtor after making the payment for the debt. They have creditors right if the debtor claims bankruptcy
  • Right of reimbursement: This is another right of the guarantor which basically depends on the contract of guarantee between the three parties. For instance, it is possible that the contract allow guarantor on how to recover any out of the pocket expenses while paying the debt of the debtor. Many contracts also enable the guarantor to recover the entire completely after making the payment of the debt.

  • Right of contribution: This right is only applicable when there are many guarantors. According to this right, the contract with multiple guarantors needs to specify the exact percentage responsible for each guarantor. In case one guarantor pays more amount than his or her share, this right allows him or her to recover the amount from other co-guarantors

How to get assignment help in Business Law?

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