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Brand Awareness with Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Posted by handsanitizers on April 28th, 2020

Intensive handwashing is an essential way to save your health and prevent the spread of illness, particularly during cold and flu season. Unfortunately, the shocking truth is that 95 percent of individuals fail to wash their hands long enough to actually kill and remove all of the germs after going to the restroom. Some people don’t even use soap. One out of 10 skips the hand-washing process altogether.

Around 80% of all diseases in the human body are transmitted by hands. Harmful microorganisms are present everywhere - door handles, stair railings, light switches, fixtures, computer keyboard, mouse, and so on. Clearly, people undoubtedly touch these things while performing their daily work.

Since your skin is crawling, let’s remember that there is also a hand sanitizer to help. And if you have hand sanitizer products placed strategically throughout your office space, this is one extra layer of cleanliness and hygiene that can help you in your mission to make your work environment cleaner and healthier.

Regardless of whether you're one of those individuals who dutifully clean their hands with soap and water for a full 20 seconds after using the restroom, there are disturbing statistics about everyone else. Those same non-washers go around touching the same phones, teapot handle, fridge handle, mouse, keyboards, doorknobs, and office supplies that you do. And that is actually how infection can spread so easily, even if you keep your hands clean. A periodic squirt of hand sanitizer from a strategically placed hand sanitizer can help you avoid the ick everyone else is leaving around.

Promotional Hand Sanitizers are very popular promotional products because they deliver your message and are excellent for schools, colleges, offices, and healthcare facilities. They raise awareness about healthy practices during cold and flu seasons. Personalized hand sanitizers with your full color logo imprinted on the label show your clients that you care about cleanliness.

Making hand sanitizer products available right from the front desk shows your existing clients and prospective clients that their health and wellbeing matters to you. This generates a positive impression that you take all the essential details into account in any interaction and that matters, both to your employees and your clients.

Healthy employees make a better workplace environment. Good health improves workplace productivity and lowers costs. Making hand sanitizers available at key places in your workplace can help keep illness at bay, enabling your employees to stay healthier. That way, they don’t miss as many days while out sick. They’re healthier and better able to get their jobs done. Fewer sick days and doctor visits can also help reduce your company’s overall health insurance plan costs as well.

Where you have the hand sanitizers placed is important. High traffic areas and areas where individuals frequently stop enter and exit are particularly important. A little touch less squirt of hand sanitizer can go a long way to helping you, your employees and clients keep illness at bay.

So, promote workplace hygiene and grow your brand with Promotional Hand Sanitizers.

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