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Common Misconceptions About Artificial Grass And The Truth

Posted by outdure on April 28th, 2020

Artificial grass in New Zealand has a lot of benefits. Even so, misconceptions surrounding synthetic grass abound and may affect your decision. It is therefore important to look at the cons and pros of every decision and access to the most accurate and up-to-date information before making a decision. Here are some misconceptions and facts about synthetic grass.

Myth: You cannot have a dog

Synthetic grass surfaces ensure adequate drainage. There are also additive features on the market to ensure that you have a clean and odour free lawn. In practice, dog urine drains through the drainage holes of the artificial grass. All you have to do is to hose it off. You can also remove solid waste from your artificial grass the same way you do with real grass. It is also crucial to remember that artificial grass will not develop bare patches due to urine and dogs cannot dig it up.

Myth: It is unhealthy

This misconception may have been true for synthetic grasses of the past because they were made of low-quality products. Synthetic grass that uses crumb rubber is not on the market anymore because the material is associated with low lead concentration and has been banned in many countries. Nowadays, artificial grass is made of environmentally safe materials and doesn’t contain heavy metals, silica dust and zinc. There are other infill options on the market now and most of them are non-toxic and free from heavy metals. Organic infills are also being used and are healthy. If you find yourself worried about being exposed to chemicals, consider the risk posed by chemical fertilisers and pesticides used on natural grass.

Myth: It gets too hot

Synthetic grass in New Zealand can indeed absorb more heat than natural grass. However, modifications can be made such as installing subsurface cooling systems to reduce heat. Installing synthetic grass with lighter colours can also lower the absorption of heat. Shade can be used to keep direct sunlight off your grass and keep temperatures down.

Myth: It is too expensive

It is more expensive to install synthetic grass than it is to install natural grass. However, if you consider the costs associated with mowing, watering and fertilising natural grass, you will realise that the ongoing maintenance costs of natural grass are higher than synthetic grass. A lot of experts say that the cost of installing synthetic grass will pay for itself in three years.

Myth: It does not drain

A lot of synthetic grass system nowadays come with comprehensive drainage systems including a drainage layer and a permeable backing layer. These layers promote drainage and keep it on par with real grass.

Myth: Lowers the value of the property

Maybe it used to be this way but water concerns keep on growing and this qualifies artificial grass as an addition to the value of the property. More homeowners are installing synthetic grass for lower water and maintenance costs as well as keeping the property aesthetically appealing all year round. This means that installing artificial grass NZ on your property can increase the value of your property.

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