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Posted by rahul349 on April 28th, 2020

It is no rocket science to understand how big an office you need to cover your business needs, yet still, you will come across the need of an exact count of the number. A real estate agent will always ask you for your requirements if you go to him telling about your need for an IT & ITES office space. Which he will use as a relative measurement of which property on the market is eligible for your consideration. Also, he might ask you for the number of your permanent office you will require. 

Your space requirement can depend on various factors, for example, different companies, industries, geographical areas, and then there is a style section for your office space. 

Some offices which have open space, private offices, and a place where everyone sits together also with conference rooms, cubicle clusters, or at tables are required for organizations and companies which are already well established and built, and they belong to more likely law firms, financial institutions and more. 

The size of your organization may & you may decide which layout and what kind of space would you want for your IT & ITES office. 

For example, we will suggest you with average space requirement and the number of square feet per person or function. Let us understand the thumb rule of this suggestion which is down to provide you understanding the power and importance of a well built and efficient use of office space. 

For an understanding the space of requirement in office

Managers (150 square feet)

Employees Requiring Cubicles:

Accountants (150 square feet)

Secretaries (125 square feet)

Customer service reps (125 square feet)

Programmers (125 square feet)

Employees in an Open Area:

Data entry (125 square feet)

Clerks (125 square feet)

Temps (100 square feet)

Permanent Rooms and Spaces:

File room (200 square feet)

Storage room or library (200 square feet)

A mailroom (125 square feet)

Workroom (125 square feet)

Reception area (100 square feet plus 10 square feet per person waiting)

Lunch or break room (75 square feet plus 25 square feet per person seated)

Conference room (50 square feet plus 25 square feet per person seated)

Don't forget to think of other specialty areas particular to your operations. If you have advanced technological needs, you might require a room for computers or servers, for example.

Cost Determinations

Ask your real estate agent how much the space costs per square foot. This could help you determine your most important needs, and make sure space, where you desire to re-establish your business, is also cost-effective.

Don't forget that you will be purchasing or signing a lease that will lock you into this office space for at least two to five years. Therefore, add 10 percent to 20 percent to the total square footage that you calculated to accommodate future growth. Remember that the additional expense of terminating a lease early and the cost of moving an office after only a short period of time will be more than offset by having this additional space in reserve waiting to be used.

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