Business Carpet Tile Installation Tips

Posted by StellarDesign on April 29th, 2020

Business Carpet Tile Installation
You can install a commercial / business carpet tiles 1 of 3 ways: interlocking, peel and stick, or glue free. All you need is a T-square, sticky tabs, a knife, and double-sided carpet tape. It is extremely easy. Here’s another tip, you should allow the carpet to acclimate to the room you’re installing in. Other than those tips, let’s look at these 3 ways to install carpet tiles.

Interlocking carpet tiles look one of two ways: like a giant puzzle piece, or with plastic attachments on the sides to click into one another.

Tiles that interlock using a puzzle-like pattern are carefully laid out and joined together as if you’re putting together a puzzle. You can cut these tiles to have a finished edge, or they sometimes come with a finished edge. If the tile has a plastic backing, just click them together using the locking mechanisms on the side.

Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles
If you want easy, peel and stick carpet tiles are the easiest to install. The adhesive is already applied to each tile and all you have to do is pull back the plastic sheet to expose it. Simply place the peel and stick carpet tile on the floor, and press down to adhere it to the floor.

Glue-Free Carpet Tiles
There are many glue-free carpet tile options. To install, simply purchase double sided carpet tape or a pressure adhesive for a more permanent hold. If you secure tiles using the tape method, you can make a custom-made area rug. For a room with high-traffic, you’ll need a pressure-sensitive adhesive, or glue, to keep the tiles in place. With the taping method, you can finish a room in record time.

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