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Presenting Jai for your Veeru, that admin guy

Posted by vishalshah on April 30th, 2020

Sholay, a classic blockbuster, is a story about a friendship between Jai and Veeru. A gold-hearted, Veeru with all his vices and weaknesses, depends on his friend Jai and emerges victorious. Jai stands by Veeru in every situation and silently does his job to help Veeru. In my opinion, every enterprise has a Veeru in its team, but without Jai.
Your Veeru is your Admin guy, who is a multi-tasker, responsible for too many things. Mostly he is helpless without Jai. Who can be the Jai in your enterprise? Well, your Veeru’s Jai can be BLACKbox.
It sounds weird. But I can convince you. Let’s imagine the following situations.

Accidental Deletion of Data

A user accidentally deletes the data and asks Veeru to help. Veeru digs into the backups and finds the stale data from the days or weeks old backup. Job not done well! Here, if Jai (BLACKbox) is on Veeru’s side, he would maintain an Active Recycle Bin and instantly empower Veeru to provide the latest deleted data to the user.


A user intentionally deletes the data and keeps mum enjoying the show. After weeks or months, some other user approaches Veeru to inform about the lost data. Nervous Veeru couldn’t do anything, as he had no idea about what happened to the data. Job not done at all! In this situation, had Jai (BLACKbox) been on Veeru’s side, he would have found the deleted data from an Active Recycle Bin and would have instantly empowered Veeru to provide the latest deleted data to the user. Not only that but also Jai would have reported the details about the user, who intentionally deleted the data.


Veeru would have installed a Firewall and Antivirus on each PC. On a zero-day outbreak, undetected ransomware infects all the data. Management holds Veeru responsible, as Veeru had convinced them to invest in Firewall and Antivirus. Poor Veeru never had a plan B. Enterprise is at a standstill. Job messed up! In this situation, had Jai (BLACKbox) been on Veeru’s side, he would have recovered data from Vault and restored yesterday’s data from the time-machine in just no time and would have instantly projected Veeru as the savior in crisis.

Data Leakage through Email Attachment

Management approaches Veeru with suspicion about some data leakage on an EMail attachment or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) by a specific user through the laptop or mobile phone. Veeru has no control over the email system. He is clueless and does not know what to do. Job screwed up! In this situation, had Jai (BLACKbox) been on Veeru’s side, he would have armed Veeru with sophisticated tools for Attachment Policies, BCC Intercept, and Email Dispatch Reports and would have instantly projected Veeru as the Guardian of the Throne.

Laptop Backup

A user’s laptop is lost, damaged, or a user formatted the laptop before quitting the job. The management is desperately demanding the lost data. But Veeru could never take the backup of the said laptop as the user was always busy to spare the laptop. He is clueless and does not know what to do. Job not done at all! In this situation, had Jai (BLACKbox) been on Veeru’s side, he would have equipped Veeru with sophisticated tools to back up and restore the data on data center after the segregation of enterprise data from personal data. Jai would have instantly projected Veeru as the go-to guy.

Democratic Practices

Veeru has no choice but to be democratic. He has to keep requesting the users to save data on the File server or NAS or folders mapped with cloud backup. Most of the time, users do not take poor Veeru seriously. They keep saving data on their desktops, laptops, on folders not mapped with cloud backup. They even pause cloud backup or divert cloud backup to their personal drives. When data is lost, poor Veeru is blamed and fired. In such situations, had Jai (BLACKbox) been on Veeru’s side, he would have equipped Veeru with autocratic centralization tool which would not give any choice to users to save data elsewhere but what Veeru has defined. It will not allow users to change any settings of cloud backup. Such a gesture of Jai would have instantly projected Veeru as the Modi of the enterprise in all good context.
This analogy extends to security on the laptop, data leakage prevention through the internet, mobile phones, USB and many other critical issues.
In all possible situations, your Veeru can emerge victorious and empowered, Thanks to Jai (BLACKbox).
Please give your feedback if you found this analogy interesting.
Best Regards,
Vishal Shah
Founder and CEO,
Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
The author Vishal Prakash Shah has 25 plus years of experience in Technology Commercialization in the field of Cyber Security, Data Loss / Leakage / Theft Prevention and IT standardization. Over the 25 years, he has worked from Management Trainee to senior positions to entrepreneurship, through various opportunities in IT. Currently, he is leading Synersoft Technologies Private Limited maker of path-breaking technology BLACKbox. His blogs can be found on here.
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