The Truth about Common Salt and Iodine

Posted by Golden on August 14th, 2010

Salt is an essential part of our daily diet. Often times we take it for granted because it is always there. There are things you may know about salt which are essential. For example, do you know that salt contains iodine which is essential for proper body metabolism?

Do you also know that iodine deficiency is the greatest cause of mental retardation in the world?

Well, now you know.

It is estimated that 400 million people suffer from iodine deficiency diseases. Signs of thyroid hormone problems begin especially during puberty and adolescence. Women are known to be more susceptible to iodine deficiency especially during pregnancy and breast feeding. This is because their fetus or baby makes use of the woman?s supply of iodine.

Even children?s brain development can be affected by poor maternal iodine and folic acid use.

Why is the use of salt necessary?

Salt is important because of the constituent iodine. The known functions of iodine are its connection to the thyroid hormones. And because these hormones are very important, it makes the intake of iodine essential.

What are the functions of the thyroid hormones?

  • They are necessary for growth and repair. Children born with no thyroid tissue end up becoming dwarfed with delayed development unless it is treated.
  • The reproductive function is dependent on them. Babies born with no thyroid gland and who are not treated with thyroid hormones grow up to become sterile.
  • They are necessary for the functioning of nerves and muscles.
  • They are vital for normal hair and skin growth and repairs.
  • They are needed for many kinds of cellular and metabolic process.

 Surely, any defect in the production of thyroid hormones can play havoc with the body?s normal functioning. In turn the ability of the body to produce these hormones depends on adequate supply of iodine in the diet.

My next topic will be looking at the signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency.

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