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Why Pick Video Conference?

Posted by nexgenit on May 2nd, 2020

The modern world has become more crowded and often requires a person to be present in several places simultaneously. In such situations, video conferencing can help - a system that allows you to see and hear the person you are far from us, exchange and collaborate with data at a distance.

Today it’s not a secret for anyone that the quality of communication improves if we see the person we are talking to, and this is one of the advantages of video conferencing over a telephone conversation. In addition, video conferencing allows simultaneous communication between several interlocutors, which is often necessary when making joint decisions. Another advantage of the video conferencing system is that it saves the budget of your organization, reducing travel costs and saving the time of your employees. The cost of installing the system itself has dropped significantly recently and is acceptable to lmost every organization.

How is videoconferencing organized?

By the type of equipment used, the video conferencing system is software and hardware. The difference is that software videoconference uses computer programs that are installed on the server and personal computers, through which video conferencing is carried out. The hardware system uses special terminal devices and video conferencing servers. The advantage of software video conferencing is that it provides the ability to share information stored on the personal computer of one of the participants, by connecting all PCs to one server. The advantage of hardware communications is the possibility of organizing video conferences not only with regular partners, but with a variety of points.

Videoconferencing also differs by the type of channels used, and can be based on ISDN or IP channels. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) - a digital network with service integration. In fact, it is a network that combines telephone channels with the transmission of video and audio data. IP (Internet Protocol) channel uses the Internet to transmit data during video conferencing. IP channel also allows you to transfer graphic and text files, and management information.

According to the principles of networking, video conferencing can be designed to organize communication between two points or multipoint connections - between three or more parties. In the case of multipoint connections, a server for video conferencing is mandatory - both in the case of using a software or hardware system.

Where is video conferencing used?

Video conferencing systems are used in business for effective negotiation and remote training of employees in education for distance learning in government for operational decision-making in medicine for remote consultations in scientific communities for conducting scientific conferences and symposia and in many other fields.

The Nexgen IT Solutions company integrates systems of world manufacturers. Like Polycom, Cisco, peoplelink, tandberg, logitech and also offers the latest developments.

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