Virtual Office Downtown Ottawa vs. Professional Office Space in Ottawa's Core

Posted by ecially37 on May 2nd, 2020

Today, most tasks and activities can be done digitally — from keeping up and communicating with your loved ones to accessing a wide array of entertainment. For owners of startups and small businesses though, it’s still an argument if it’s better to have a physical Office Space Ottawa or just a virtual one.

If you are on the fence about renting out Retail space Ottawa, this article is for you. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of this option.

What Is A Virtual Office

To better compare these two types of offices, it’s important to define what a virtual office is.

Compared to the traditional office space Ottawa, a virtual workspace gives businesses a physical address — together with office-related services like phone-answering — without the need to gather employees in one fixed location. As employees report and work from home, there are lesser overhead costs on the part of the owner. However, any employer who wishes to do this setup must have reliable online office productivity tools and software to ensure that every employee accomplishes his or her tasks and responsibilities.

The Perks Of Having A Professional Office Space

While having a virtual office seems to be an attractive idea, many business owners still prefer having a physical office space Ottawa for several reasons — from increased productivity to better data protection.

It boosts productivity. Physical office spaces — when wisely designed — actually help employees boost their productivity. They will be more focused on completing their tasks, versus when they are at home where they can be distracted by several things (e.g. Social media, TV, visitors).

It helps you better monitor your employees. Having a physical office also allows you or your team managers to monitor your workers more easily and conveniently. From the output level and accountability down to punctuality and their well-being, tracking the performance and looking after the welfare of your employees will be beneficial for your business.

It fosters camaraderie. Socialization is important to keep an employee functional and prevent him or her from being burned out. By having a workspace where he or she can mingle with fellow employees, you can expect to have better productivity — and teamwork — from your people as a whole.

It offers enough space for training and team-building. Physical offices also allow business owners to better roll out their professional development plans for their employees. By gathering your people in one space, it will be more efficient to conduct or relay information about upcoming training and team-building sessions.

It reinforces data protection and security. One of the challenges of the virtual workspace is data security. As employees are working from different locations (and their internet connection might not be as secure compared to when it is provided in a physical retail space Ottawa), you will be putting your business data at risk.

It establishes credibility and helps attract investors. When you have a cleverly-designed office, it will further boost the image and branding of your business. This will help you attract more investors and ultimately drive business growth.

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