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Are Food Deliveries Safe amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Posted by cloneappdupe on May 5th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has created a drastic impact on people’s lives across the world. As of now, the infected cases stand at 3.6 million, with a death count of almost 253,000. People fear to step out of their homes, even for necessities. They get instant services through on-demand apps. The on-demand apps industry is the only industry thriving in this quarantine season. With just a few taps on smartphones, people get doorstep services. Food and grocery delivery apps like Ubereats are the most popular among people. 

Even though these apps are offering doorstep services, people are hesitant if the food packages are safe enough. To eliminate this fear, certain guidelines can come in handy. Let’s discuss them here, 

‘Cross-contamination is possible’ 

As stated by experts, the coronavirus is not a food-borne disease. However, the virus can adhere to surfaces, thereby leading to disease transmission. According to recent reports, the virus remains stable on surfaces from a few hours to several days. As a result, disease contraction is very much possible. This is a matter of concern for people. Now, how does one prevent cross-contamination of the virus? 


‘There are high-touch surfaces in food packages’ 

High-touch surfaces are those areas that in constant exposure to multiple persons. Even in food packages and orders, handles of the packages, edges of cutlery are constantly exposed to various people. For example, restaurant personnel comes in contact during preparation, and packing and delivery professionals can come in contact during the transit. As a result, these surfaces are highly prone to disease transmission. 

‘Encourage contactless deliveries and cashless payments’ 

Contactless deliveries can significantly aid us in curbing the disease spread. You can instruct delivery professionals to place food orders on apps like Ubereats at a confined place in front of your homes. Moreover, instead of paying via cash, you can adopt digital modes of payment. This way, there is absolutely no contact between you and delivery professionals. 

‘Equip yourselves with safety gear and dispose of food packages’ 

Now that your food package is delivered safely, you need to avail of the services, i.e., eat the food. Equip yourselves with gloves and masks preferably, before handling food packages. Now, transfer the food in any clean container and dispose of the parcels immediately. This can greatly help us prevent exposure to any pathogens adhering to the surfaces. It is highly advisable to throw away the food packages and not put them in our bins. Washing your hands before and after handling the package can come in handy. 

Summing up, 

The safety of food packages delivered in this quarantine situation depends entirely on your hands. You need to take preventive measures to curb the disease spread. Let’s protect ourselves and fight this war together with Ubereats Clone!

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