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Most borrowers who visit this site have something in common. Many are looking to get cash for their pink slip. Some prefer the larger amount that’s available to them with a car title loan versus a payday advance. Most though, are here because they have bad credit. Having a poor credit history doesn’t mean you can’t be approved for short term financing. As you’ve no doubt read throughout this site, a clean and clear pink slip can get your cash with very few questions asked. The downside is that it’s going to cost you. Most applicants who have good to decent credit scores won’t need to use the title of their vehicle as a way to get a loan. They will probably end up applying for low-interest bank loans or get financing from an online installment loan company. That’s why it’s in your best interest to have good credit. If you don’t have a decent credit score than you need to work on improving it. The first step will be obtaining your credit report. Don’t pay money to someone online to get your updated report. The US Government can walk you through the process of how to get an updated copy of your credit report. Let’s discuss the different things you can do to improve your score. With these methods, you can avoid the hassle of online title loans!

Say goodbye to high-interest rate title loans with a good credit report

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to fixing their credit history. They may have years of late payments or defaults on credit cards. Others will have judgments and charged off credit cards. It’s not the end of the world if you have one or two dents that affect your credit score. What you want to avoid is the snowball effect that occurs when you start to fall behind. Borrowers in this situation will sometimes give up on making payments. The dual hit of late charges and continued interest increases make it hard to make sense of the situation. If you find yourself in this situation it’s best to take stock and set some goals. Do whatever it takes to continue paying on the most important bills. These items include your car loan, mortgage, and other secured notes.

Be sure your car title loan company reports your monthly payments to the credit bureaus

It’s on to the next step for someone who’s come up with a plan and worked out deals with their creditors. Now it’s time to fix your credit score. There are many companies online that offer credit repair services. But we’ve found it’s often best to do this on your own as you can move at your own pace and save a lot of money as well. If you want to hire someone, we recommend doing what you’d do if they were a company that provides online title loans. Do your research on their company history and check their online reputation. Do they have a long complaint history or bad online track record? It’s the same as if you were searching for car title loan companies. When looking for a decent online title lender you would first want to know the requirements and credit limits of each company. Do the same with your search for any other financial service you need. Take the initiative and be sure the company you work with is the best option in your state. As soon as you start to fix your credit history you should see some movement in your score. Set long term financial goals to avoid having to work with a short-term lender. Learn more at

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