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Revolutionary Inventions by Nikola Tesla That the World Forgot About

Posted by neeraj1 on May 7th, 2020

Nikola Tesla is like the Batman of scientists. We did not deserve him, but he was the hero he needed. His past is shrouded in mystery and the man himself has become a cult legend. Some claim he was the greatest inventor to have ever lived and breathed, while some say he was a maniac, who only cared about experimenting with strange ideas.

Whether or not there is, any truth to these statements will forever remain the mystery, now that the man is gone, but his work still stands a testament to his talent as an inventor. Below are five revolutionary inventions from Tesla that people either have forgotten about or have attributed to other inventors.

Tele automation

At the Electrical Exhibition at Madison Square Garden in the year 1898, Tesla came with something that set the foundation of the wireless era – a radio-controlled boat. The patent office did not issuethe patent for it because they thought it was a ridiculous invention, one that would never be adopted. Well, in your face 1898’s patent office. As it turns out, Tesla not only wowed the audience by controlling the boat with the help of a radio transmitter, he also became the father of all radio-controlled devices and robotics as well.

The Tesla Turbine

To compete with the piston engine that was monopolizing the automobile industry at the dawn of the 20th century, Tesla came with his own turbine; his invention used smooth discs instead of moving pistons. When he tested it back then, its fuel efficiency was 60%. Compare that to the 42% efficiency that you get out of most modern engines and you will see what a loss it was that this invention never made it to the market. The reason it did not was that the petrol companies did not want a fuel-efficient engine in the market. Once again, business trumped innovation.

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